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Friday 10 October 2003

Attenshun! Drinking houmous acshun! [am]

Right you horrible lot listen to ME! Stop shuffling Pod. Pay attention Corporal Adair! Next week one week today which is to say 7 days - you know how to count to 7 don't you Corporal Spiro don't you, you horrible little man - on Friday the 10th General Houmous will be in town to parade himself around Canary Wharf and conduct a classified meeting with Field Marshall Lurker in the early hours of the next morning.
So! I expect every last man jack of you who can to make a date in your diaries, spit on your shoes and polish your rag until you can see you helmet in them and present yourself for parade and regimental beers. NO lame excuses - it's the last of summer beers. All lurking posters welcome. Now Field Marshall Lurker - what say you we do some bars in Canary Wharf to allow all the young lads to look at young ladies and let off some steam? Or shall protocol dictate The Dickens?


  1. Hmm, that's an idea. I think something special might be called for so perhaps Canary Wharf is a plan. It must also be pointed out that Houmous is threatening to bring his bird. Yes that one, the one that hates us all and me especially. So this could, err, be interesting and um, slightly contrary to EED Friday sesh tradition to. We might need to take special account and possibly work the hospital visit in early.

  2. I'll be in Shepards Bush on Thurs 9th seeing Buddy Guy (if anyone cares, sniff...)

  3. All things being equal, I shall be in attendance. I'll even not dodge this one! No seriously!
    (Who the fuck is Houmous, eh? Where'd he come from? Why wasn't I informed? Standards are slipping, I tell you.)

  4. You say PUB sir, I say where sir. You say DRINK sir, I say how much sir !!!!!

  5. It's a good point well made. Now we need votes here - little CanaryWharf friday night action boys? It's a place with girls - lots of em -I realise that may be a little worrying. It's also a place with boysfor those also inclined. Or do you want to do what we always do? Mythinking is that Canary Wharf is good for a change, was popular beforeand is probably faster on the tube anyway (10mins waterloo / 14 minswest end). Vote!

  6. Either is fine with me - Canary Wharf easier on the tube as you say, although Dickens handier for the post-pub activities of those of us who don't have to be tucked in like good little Cinderellas by midnight. Canary Wharf be noice for a change though I guess.

  7. I'll be there. Either is ok with me too, as it will take about the same time to get to each of them from where I am.

  8. Either is fine with me (assuming I can be arsed to trek down from teh Grim North). Canary Wharf isn't a bad plan, since, as has been pointed out, transport is a mite easier than our traditional watering hole. Also, the letch factor should not be ignored...
    Someone pick a bar and supply directions then.
    .... OK. May I assume from the lack of anyone saying... anything, that we're falling back to Ye Olde Dickens?

  9. Right tomorrow we is drinking in Canary Wharf from about 6pm.Directions is - get on jubilee line or dlr from Bank and go to CanaryWharf. It's dead quick innit.
    If you get off at tube, come out of tube and look up to your right -see big fucking tower. That's Canary Wharf tower - very fuckingcunning. You are on left hand side of it - let's call it westside. Walk up to side and keepmoving with back to the exit of the tube you've come out with. Walkround so that you are facing north.
    i.e.stand here^:::::::::
    In front of you will now be a square with a fountain in the middle.If you look over to the right, you will see a small footbridge overa waterway. Over that bridge is a bar called Bar 38. Walk in it.Drink beer. End of story. I'm on 07946 355024.
    P.s. if you come on the dlr, the story is the same - get the tower onyour back and look forward - if you can see a square with water in themiddle you're fine. If not you're not. That is all

  10. Friday arvo. Coupla hours to knock off. Big sesh planned, big club gig sorted for afters. I'm getting ready to rock!

  11. Pants. I wanna play Halo :)