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Monday 20 October 2003

Concorde rocks, I don't care what you say! [brit]

Oh I'm SERIOUSLY not happy with this woman. BBC News saw fit to give her front page treatment earlier, allowing her to out smug everyone on the grounds that in 1960something she said concorde was a waste of money that was doomed to failure.
My GOD. Thank fuck there aren't many of these people allowed out in public; I dread to think what she'd have made of the space race, or virtual reality, or any other enormous technical leap which involved dreams being mixed with risk to reach reality.
And above all, she looks so sour as to suck the life out of any party just by being on the same continent... go away you evil harridan!


  1. Radio 4 have a program about this/her which you can stream off their web. I haven't listened to it though. I-told-you-so nay-sayers are so annoying there needs to be some sort of law, preferably involving stocks and socks full of pestilant pidgeon diarrhea.

  2. I can't believe they're not letting other people buy them up. It would rock for some rich bloke to buy one for tooling around in.. :)

  3. She's ugly. Fuck the opinion of ugly people! Can ugly people even vote?

  4. So this hag believes an airplane model flown succesfully and popularly being retired after 40 years of serviceis proof she was right that it was 'doomed to failure' ???

  5. Well, it cost the British taxpayer millions upon millions of unrecouped money. It was a complete and utter commercial failure by anyone's measure. They were supposed to sell over a hundred of them and they ended up basically giving away 16 of them to British Airways and Air France.
    That's not to say that this woman is anything other than a sour faced old hag that must die. What exactly has she contributed to the world eh? One thing is for sure, in several hundred years they'll still talk about the Concorde and I doubt she'll get a fucking mention.