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Monday 27 October 2003

Theres always one [pod]

I don't know how many of you goto comedy clubs but I went to one tonight. I really should go more often as I love live comedy. I have tickets for Izzard in december which should be a riot.
Anyway, this one I was at was called Backyard comedy and is owned by lee hurst of 'they think its all over' fame. We got lee 3 times between 3 other acts. They were all imo very very funny. The second guy was called tim vine. If any of you have ever watched 'the sketch show' then hes the blond one.
Now his set consisted of very similar stuff to the sketch show. Lots of quick and daft 1 liners and I mean very daft. Its very silly and good fun. However I suppose its not to every ones tastes.
Case in point was a woman behind me. She hated it. Now I can't care less what she likes but she was determined to tell the world. After every single joke she'd say 'Not funny' or 'Its middle class humor' etc.
After about the tenth time you start to get really pissed off. So you came he! re to laugh and now you want to slap the dumb (and ugly) bitch behind you.
It didn't stop there either. To make her point she then continued as Lee came back and during the third act with comments like 'now this is funny' and 'hes so much better'. Bitch!. Ruined an almost perfect evening. Why couldn't she just shut up.
It happened at the last comedy gig I went to too. Some girls at the front wouldn't stop heckling for no good reason at all. I think it probably put another 30 mins onto the show.


  1. Did you consider telling her to fuck off?

  2. Of course he didn't, that would involve interacting with REAL people :)

  3. Actually the people sitting next to her did that. Didn't shut her up tho so I figured what good could I do. I was also lower than her so was in prime kicking position if it all went sour so I decided against it

  4. To be honest, if a guy can't deal with some heckling, he's not stand up comedian - as for 'under the breath' stuff like that, either make a complaint (it often gets dealt with) or tell her to shutup - once a couple of people start, more usually join in.

  5. Whats middle class humour? haha - We go to Komedia in Brighton quite a bit if anyones interested in an evening out - pre social lubrication either in Poonanar's (but spelt right) or a pub full of lesbians in lumberjack shirts, the name of which I forget, just off the Steyne...