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Monday 6 October 2003

You can't go wrong with a CS blog [beej]

Okay, check these out:

Familiar maps? Hope you recognise 'em! :-) It's a shame that we don't have cross-platform players on the same server, that would be utterly ruling and a step towards persistant and genuinely massive multiplayer online gaming.


  1. brings back memories of owning dreamcast weenies on Q3 :)

  2. Another trailer out, new footage, all very hollywood and featuring Voiceover Man. Grab it from C+VG. Lots of huge (read: ridiculous) explosions in what looks to be a blatant under-par Raven Shield wannabe that's dated even before its released.

  3. Look familiar...? Brings back memories that's for sure.Could do with it being a free download really, as presumably no-one here is going to be arsed to install Steam.