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Sunday 19 October 2003

Didoitus - help needed [houmous]

I was wondering whether any fellow EEDer's could help me with a serious problem. I recently 'obtained” a copy of Dido's new album 'Life for rent' for my girlfriend - however due to a momentary lapse of concentration I did not have my chauvinistic force field in place when she first played it (Dido - poncy songs for screwed up birds pah!) and to my horror realised that I was enjoying what I was listening to!
I now get up every morning and put the album on - and then go on to listen to it 2 or 3 times a day - i.e. I am now a regular user.
I have done a careful 'lump test' on my chest i.e. to see if I have started to grow breasts and can find nothing - but it must now only be a matter of time....
Has any one else had a similar experience who can advise me how I can rectify this particularly unpleasant viral attack on my male physique. LetÂ’s face it I've got this far without having any idea about how to understand women - why on earth would I want to start now?
All suggestions gratefully received.


  1. Just pretend its your wife and don't actually pay too much attention to the lyrics.

  2. mmmm, Dido is my wife, I like it, I like it a lot.

  3. Is it true that in the advanced stages of Didoitus, long after I've turned into a woman, I turn into a cat? Or is someone just trying to wind me up?