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Saturday 4 October 2003

Halo me harties [slim]

Ahar me harties! Dirty pirate that I am, I leeched Halo for the PC and so did some of my dodgy buddies.
The single player is a bit choppy on the pc, fuck knows how they managed that given the hardware in the xbox, but hey ho.
Now Halo multiplayer rocks, we know this. Theres a patch out that lets you play it online, so we did. Now the problem is that it's an almost identical port of the xbox version, so there's piss all in the way of decent online options. YOu can host an internet game, PEER TO PEER only, no dedicated server. This is a pain in the tits because halo would lend itself quite nicely to games with lots of players. This way you're talking six players maximum without uber lag.
The worst bit though is that there's no map rotation or out like that, so each time youv'e got to restart the multiplayer game to change the fucking map. Soft as fuck.
Once you get going it is good though. The vehicles work well, the maps look nice, and the speed is about right for old gits like me. Sniper is a bit too wafty perhaps given that you run around quite slowly, but as ever not running around on your own can counter that quite effectively.
Genuine shame, I recon halo could do well multiplayer on the pc if they could sort som e of this shit out :(


  1. Shinji did this gushing write up on it. Didn't reall mention anything about the lack of a dedicated server. I just assumed there would be one if they've spent so much time on it. You can't even past the IP from the clipboard into the IP box for Christ's sake.And chugging? It's not tooo bad in multi on my machine but it chugs like a bastard in single player and that's on a 2Ghz Barton with an overclocked Radeon 9800 Pro. I make that something like 3 times faster than an Xbox in CPU, vastly faster in graphics terms and 16 times more memory. And it chugs. How's that work then? Anyone'd think that they'd be trying to make the Xbox look good, surely not?

  2. From Shinjis article:
    'according to Pitchford, they spent more time on the netcode than on any other element of the conversion. The lack of a Linux dedicated server for the game (it's being published by Microsoft, after all) is also likely to have some server admins pulling their hair out '
    According to what I'm hearing there's a lack of a dedicated server altogether, never mind on Linux?

  3. Well, who knows. We're playing with warez remember. It's out on the 10th so presumably we'll know by then. They must have sorted a proper server, surely? If they haven't, I'm not buying it.Shinji now reckons Gearbox told him it'll ship with a dedicated. Not too surprising, they've obviously gone to a lot of effort. This is a damn cool game and we'll have some right laughs with voice comms and Halo.

  4. the halo dedicated server has been released, 100mb standalone.

  5. I would hazard a guess we cannot use it with the warez and the real deal is still a week off?

  6. It's haxored too, woot. Can't run it alongside a client though, bah!