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Wednesday 8 October 2003

PC luggage [lurks]

I haul a laptop to and from work all day. Since it's an ultra-compact Sony Tr1mp, as covered earlier, a standard laptop bag is a bit stupid. Recently when visiting a distributor at work, I was shown a range of computer luggage type stuff from an Italian crowd called Tucano. Quite simply, the build quality is amazing. This stuff makes Targus look very cheap indeed. If you're in the market, you really should check these guys out.
Now, their English web site basically isn't done but they've got a load of PDFs up here of their brochures. If you find something you like, you can buy any of the range from a crowd called Meroncourt. These guys are a distributor but they also dabble in retail and can get you any Tucano product you might want from the range in the PDFs. I cannot recommend Tucano stuff highly enough. I'll bring my new 'postal bag' style job down to the pub on Friday and maybe some guys can post some opinions on that.
Italians building high quality stuff? Surely some mistake! Maybe they should do some consultancy for Alfa Romeo...


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