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Monday 20 October 2003

Attention all gear queens, celebration happening [am]

It's mostly Slim's fault. That and my Halo skills.
I was contemplating a rig update from my 1.2 athlon, original gf3 - no not a Ti-anything just a gf3 which by now occupies the sort of place in history that it's sprayed in british racing green, is usually seen at Houmous corporate hospitality events and is driven by Stirling Moss with sponsers 'SDR RAM', that sort of fing. But, it being a London thing I had said 'ahh fuck it' / 'nah fack orf' / 'fack orf you cunt' to myself a couple of times. Or more.
I bottled the upgrade a couple of times because, well it's a lot of cash and we're thinking of... ahhh shit... look I just bottled it. Then Slim pointed out something known as today-only spesh where you get typically a 10% off the going rate of generally *stuff* which is updated aroundabout 10 am every day where 'going rate' ='s cheapest stuff.
So, there I was, reading the misery-rag and choking down a mug of javarsnic this morning at the breakfast table ruminating not having not put through the transaction last night and I got hit by the fact that I am *really* enjoying MP and SP Halo (buy it you muppets) and that my framerates suck big style. And then with a general step to the left and a jump to the right, a small matter of kicking over the kitchen table, charging down the highstreet to quaff cheap brandy through a straw, giggling over my credit card and generally webbing it while jumping up from time to time and jumpthrusting my crotch at my tft shouting 'you know you fucking want it, you fucking love it!!!!', well by a couple of hours later I had bought;
2.8c P4 800 Asus P4C800 Mobo (see Lurks blog) 1 gig Corsair matched CAS2 3200 ddr 400 memory Crucial Radeon 8000pro
Paris is close but Mumbai may be more my fallout zone once the missus processes this.
Anyway, the point of the blog, is that there's a shit kicking system here to be done and The Lurker, since he is our own Masterchief, is going to come up to my gaff and walk me through a pc-build after which we need YOU to get upayard and come out for some cheeky Saturday beers and a little bit of acshun. So you're warned fuxaches. Details to follow.
You up for it or are you going to lie ahead going 'boo-hoo Am, my Maaam won't let me?'. Hell no! Post up marines - we're going out and it's electricdeath styllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....


  1. I meant, of course, a Radeooon 9521pra which as every f00l kno has 31.4grillion mega-pixel fillrate

  2. ok for you feeling quite literal out there I mean a Crucial Radeon 9800prohope that's got your saliva activated ;)