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Sunday 19 October 2003

Cleartype on XP [lurks]

Y'all know about Cleartype right? It's the font smoothing shit built into Windows XP. Interestingly, how well this works often depends how the actual electronic configuration of your monitor. Some TFTs have BGR elements instead of RGB, for example. Turns out Microsoft has an applet which allows you to set this up.
Give it a bash! Definately worth a fiddle if you're a TFT owner and I know there's a fair few of them within the hallowed halls of Electric Death.


  1. friggin 'eck - that really works incredibly well. My god I'm seriously surprised about thislurker in skillz shocker!

  2. Thanks very much for this mat, huge improvement on my CRT. Im sure my xmas pressie TFT will benefit too, cheers again.

  3. That works rather well, although my dodgy eyes made picking the best of the six options rather difficult.
    I wonder if you'd have to use one setting for both monitors in a dual-monitor setup, could be quite annoying if one of them was that bgr type.

  4. It looked great, but it seemed to give me some tearing when switching between applications. Any ideas why?

  5. Sounds a bit odd. It does have a CPU impact when rendering screen fonts. You might want to check how much of the whole 'appearance' stuff you have enabled. Personally I use the maximum performance setting, which vapes all the annoying fading and shit. Then turn on cleartype.