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Tuesday 21 October 2003

Feeling old [lurks]

How do you know you're old? I mean truly old. Today, I felt truly old for the first time. Why? My wife has bought me a pair of slippers...


  1. When your chatting to the office totty and she automatically assumes you didn't have a banging weekend.

  2. Bleh. I read this which is worth a laugh. Then I got to the bit about Space Invaders.

    Kirk: I'm sure everyone who made this game is dead by now.


  3. I'm entirely convinced that that article is a fabrication. My eyebrows were raised with disbelief from the moment that one of the little tykes apparently declared himself the 'undisputed lord of air tennis', they raised further when one of them mentioned the 'concept of a power-up', and I lost them just past my hairline when 12 year old Andrew mused about the possibility of ET being an act of 'corporate sabotage'.
    And that's BEFORE I realised that not only are these kids meant to be aged between 10 and 13... They're meant to be American. Three to four syllable words? I think not!

  4. that's quite funny. My wife and I have an understanding (utterly deadly serious and she knows it is) that if she *ever* buys me a pair of slippers we get divorced. This is totally serious - seriously!

  5. I love my slippers. They keep my feet warm. I think my slippers are wacky and 'fun', they are two huge hairy feet with four foam filled claws poking out. You see even for fogeys like me, Slippers hark back to wackier days gone by. Slippers do not make you old. Worrying about having old mans Slippers will make you old. And Piles. And children. And having to wear a baseball cap in the sun, because the 'shiny top' will burn if you don't.

  6. I love my slippers too. Mmmm cosy.
    Still, another bad sign of being old, and this is especially rammed home at a daily basis working at a University, is that the gangs of young men and women don't even attempt to give you a flyer for a drinks promotion/night club/'happening event', they just look through you to the next member of their clan.
    The other day I got one, I felt great! I realise it was because I was walking behind some lovely mini-skirted gals, but who cares. It's got pride of place on my desk and the other thirty-somethings admire in a shocked awe.

  7. thankfully everyone else in the games industry is getting old just as fast as me, but it was odd when I worked at my second job in the industry and I was the oldest person they employed. Including the directors.
    Nowadays its no big deal - we have an animator (who is I must say fucking good at his job) who must be pushing 50 now.