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Thursday 30 October 2003

Death to the underclasses [lurks]

Now, I'm aware that by reading a cross-section of my blogs and that of the Britmeister General, third party observers may take that view that the good ship EED carries tendencies to the right wing. Perhaps just slightly left to the left of Mussolini. Yet when we've profiled ourselves in the past via a political spectrum profiler (anyone got the link for that?), that's not quite the case.
However little gets the blood boiling more than the work-shy whinging-class scum which pollute the working classes of this country and try desperately, seemingly on a daily basis, to cripple our infrastructure with their bone idle communist ideals. Or more accurately the fact that they believe that money is something which just gets handed out by the State rather than being the blood sweat and tears of those in this country which pay our taxes to make things work.
Following what must be the longest and most rambling pre-amble for a blog since... well Amnesia's last one anyway, I shall finally get to the point. Postal workers. They're on strike. All across London. Again the capital is blighted by this underclass of work-shy peons. Once again, they're going to fuck up their own interests completely with this selfish and uncalled for action, because they're too stupid to step back from their post code pigeon holes and considered the bigger picture. (Can someone help me with a non-football 'own goal' type phrase?)
The bigger picture is this. Their company, that is the renamed Royal Mail (formerly the hilariously named Consignia) is losing a lot of money. By a lot of money, we're talking about a couple of billion quid in the last couple of years. That's about as much money as if you ripped out all of the spleens of the London postal workers and transformed them in a fiction alchemical process into the same weight of Microsoft shares. It's a lot of money.
Previously this group of pestilent baldrick clones had an agreement made through arbitration and approved by their union. Further action had been voted down so those which voted to strike, went on strike anyway and now we have the situation where the post is not working in or out of London and is unlikely to resume in any meaningful way this week either.
Of course, this action is running dangerously close to the point where it's the straw that breaks the camels back and spells commercial suicide for the royal mail. A couple of months back, when I was interviewing a director of for work, he mentioned how they had to take on board another carrier for their deliveries purely because they had no assurance that the Royal Mail would not go on strike (again) and thus they had to take their business elsewhere.
And for what? Because these guys HAD AN AGREEMENT and then walked away wanting more and decided to blackmail the firm by going on strike whether or not their official representation in the form of their very own union, agreed! Of course the union loves it anyway. They get to play it both ways now. They get to be militant but hold up their hands and go 'not me guv'.
This is what this country is coming to. Just like the fuckers that wont do their job on the underground and just like the militant and highly skilled (cough) tube drivers - all of these underclasses of fuckwits, collectively think that money just magically oozes out of automatic teller machines and has no correlation with ensuring that you do YOUR little bit of the equation so that your employer can make money and therefore keep paying you.
It's a massive lapse of logic by these tabloid-reading fucktards. The only solution is to annex some small country in Eastern Europe and repopulate it with the communist fucktards doing their best to destroy our country and our standard of living. Then get some people in who understand the basis ideal of a decent days work for a decent days pay. Then again, if any of these peasants could apply logic and add up, they would have stayed at school and got a proper job I suppose.
Which is why people like you and I have to do the thinking for them.


  1. More privatisation needed I think.

  2. I view it from the other end, being a low earning peon compared to wafty londoners. Sort London out and the rest will be fine, fucking London weighting on wages etc... utter shite. The SE of England housing market is causing all sorts of problems across the board. If you're sitting on your arse all day it's a bit rich to call postie worksky frankly. Plumbers get more than IT folk. Im seriously thinking about chucking IT and getting a proper trade. These folk are on strike because they don't have enough dosh to eat, maybe they should just write reviews for a magazine instead.

  3. I'll call anyone workshy I like. Note that I call them workshy when they aren't do the job they are paid to do. I don't give a flying fuck if they have to do more manual labour than I do. I've done my manual labour including working a year on a farm in a desert. Didn't want to do it any more and so persued a career where I got to use my brain instead. Now apparently I can't call these fuckers workshy when they're on strike because they stand up shoving letters in pigeonholes rather than sitting at a computer? Fuck RIGHT off!As for plumbers getting more than IT folks... I expect that entirely depends what sort of IT you're talking about. Regardless, if you're doing a job just for the money then you've got options to move job, just as these folks do who are on strike.Only difference is, if you or I went on strike - we wouldn't be able to hold the country to randsome and so we'd be shown the door quicksmart.I love the screaming leftie mentality that they must be striking because they can't eat. Despite the fact their own union got them what the majority wanted. At the end of the day, I say if you think you can't eat on a relatively unskilled job like that, then either get skilled or get another job. My big beef is holding the cap out while holding the rest of us to randsom. Especially when those holding us to randsom aren't even in the fucking majority. Or if they are, they've welshed on a previous deal. Or is that OK? They're working class so they're allowed to welsh on an employment deal?But yes, at the end of the day, maybe they should 'just write reviews for a magazine'. Although I'll tell you straight out that their pay level is directly on a par with 90% of working journalists.Oh and Afty, I don't think privatisation is the key either. On the other hand, public companies do need to be run with performance-driven and accountable management just like private companies and completely unlike the culture that existed (indeed still exists, with the NHS) within the state companies of old. When or if that will ever happen... who knows.

  4. I have to say, Lurks beat me to this blog by a mere 5 minutes or so; having not had any post at work (inbound or outbound) for over a week now, any sympathy I may have had for the postal workers not so much vanished, as evaporated like an open bottle of ethanol in an extremely hot room.
    These guys and girls are behaving in the most irresponsible and cretinous way possible. Yet they're not entirely stupid either; for every day they take off as part of their unauthorised action, they are forced to work overtime to clear the backlog - given they earn (hourly rate * 3) for overtime, you do the math...
    This however isn't really the point; the grander malaise is something that's affecting the public services on something approaching a wholescale - that of a new sort of mentality, not seen since the late 70's - that of a worker who embraces the most selfish and pathetic ideal; that they, somehow, are more important than the system.
    I'm not talking communism here - that particular branch of fucked up thinking has resulted in millions of people watching their lives (collectively) going down the toilet; no, this is more fundamental - it's an acknowledgement (or rather failure of) to see that what you are doing affects many hundreds of thousands of others, and being that we're living in a 21st century economy and all that entails, such actions can do irreperable damage to both the companies offering the service (in this case The Royal Mail) and those relying on it.
    This strike is completely unauthorised, this is the critical point here. They are striking for no real reason, they aren't on strike because of pay, or conditions, or holidays, or the availability of goddamned fucking creches inside the sorting offices, they are striking because they want to - against their union, against their management, against the public.
    Solution: sack all of them. Give them something to moan about. For it's a fact that there are plenty of people available to take their place. I am seriously bored of watching reports of yet another group of workshy lazy shits who rather than get on with their lot, and keep that cog turning, they choose instead to shaft everyone for what?
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    Sack them. Sack them now.

  5. Cheers, my pre-lunch baiting gave me some virtiol to come back to.BTW I had no idea there even was a postal strike, guess it's not news outside london.

  6. Is your, what I think, unfair name calling of these 'lesser mortals' aimed at all postal workers or just striking ones.Maybe some companies are forced to use alternative means of delivery, do you think the companies they use are better paid?

  7. Not sure who you're talking to there. I always found the British postal system to be excellent. Astounding that a letter turns up next day virtually anywhere in the country for a mere 25p odd. Didn't get that where I come from... So in so far as I thought about postal workers at all, I assumed they were doing a pretty good job.
    With regards to the alternative couriers and their pay, I haven't the faintest idea. My point really was that is it better to have a job and work at wage negotiation within the schemes that exist or to go on strike, destroy the company and end up on the dole? I think it's clear where I stand.

  8. Let them eat cake

  9. Quite a good analogy that, since Antoinette never said any such thing either. :)