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Thursday 23 October 2003

George Galloway exposed! [drdave]

Hello my little passion puppets. As the Doctor of Asstrology in the clan, I feel that I must alert you to a hidden danger that threatens us within the British Isles. As a sekret assvisor to the highest echelons of powah in these fair lands, I have been sworn to secrecy but now I see that the cat is out of the bag in relation to the individual most snappily known to those of us academia as the Labour MP George Galloway.
As you can see, the nation's press is hot on the trail of Mr Galloway's ill-gotten Iraqi gains. The media is claiming that Mr Galloway has received £375,000 of cold hard cash smuggled out of Iraq in through the oil for food program. Initial calculations provided some preliminary evidence that this may be the reason this stinky person was calling upon our troops not to fight in the war.
But my friends, the numbers did not add up. The equations of powah did not balance out. The mathematical and physical law governing the formation of spineless lefty scumbags (Documented in my latest book, available in all Dr Dave's good My Documents folders) has lead to a scientific breakthrough! Let us cry Eureka together my friends!
You see, it's not about the money. It's about the facial hair. Particularly moustaches. Nasty bushy taches with the absence of a full beard as so favored in my academic circles (well not I, I have yet to develop my own facial hair). Hairy Caterpillars is what we are talking about! Broom heads on top lips! Evil bushy turds just under the nose!
Dear reader I put it to you that Labour MP George Galloway was always a paid up member of the camel club and I present for you indisputable evidence!



  1. The man is an absolute cunt. To be frank.

  2. That's not fair! You were Frank last night, it's my turn now. You can be Wendy for once!

  3. Is this Baby Dave or is it Beej aliaising as El Doctor (of Love)?Anyway, a little side-comment caught my eye in Teh Sun today. It saidsomething along the lines of 'devastating documents show that the man isa bounder. The documents (which it is unlikely will ever see the lightof day).....'. And so I'm finking to myself 'why is it unlikely theywill ever see the light of day'? Since News International is very wellbriefed on an ongoing basis by members of the shadowy-trouser brigade onan ongoing basis, I am presuming this comment comes with a bit of aninside tip (why else say it?). But the man is an Member of Parliamentand taking such money on an undeclared basis would be the most seriousbreach of Parliamentary disclosure rules imaginable and I'm pretty surewould be a hop and a skip from the beginning of some sort of campaign tohave him done for some sort of charge of criminality. Now I have noidea whether that sort of claim but on the first at least - a publicmember of parliament taking huge amounts of money from an utterlycorrupt and reprehensible regime - what possible basis would the papers*not* be made public? Very strange if you ask me. It's time to ask forMulder and Scully to investigate. And I'll have some chips with my LochNess burger at Elvis + S Club at Wembley Stadium this Friday, ta.

  4. I'm with Am on this - the guy clearly has issues, but until we see some documents and bank records it's a bit early to declare him guilty.

  5. The Telegraph, who unearthed the documents that prove these allegations, were so lucky. I mean the journalist who found the damning evidence couldn't speak or read Arabic, yet he still managed to find the proof in a mountain of paperwork found in an abandoned Iraqi government building. RESULT!

  6. He's got a tash you fucktards, what more proof do you need!

  7. Naaaaaaaah I don't mean that I've got serious doubts about this bloke.I mean clearly anyone who's buddying up with Tariq Ali on Christmas Dayand salutes the courage and indefatiguable strength of Sadman is anabsolute disgrace. Now simultaneously there's a lot more to this thanmeets the eye. It's sooooo outrageous that the Telegraph must be *damn*sure of what it's doing because the damages would be enormous. On theother hand they've got the documents as a tip off from an Iraqiintelligence officer which sounds a bit dodgy to me. Hitler Diariesanyone? Personally I hope it's true. I'd love to see the moustachioedgit bought to boot. Hopefully the one of the one of Black Rod'sstrongest foot in particular....

  8. I'd be surprised if it's part of a conspiracy plot to discredit the guy. Purely because it strikes me he's done quite enough to discredit himself as it is, he ought to have been summarily dismissed from the Labour party for some of the comments he's made. If the government or some shadow M-prefixed arm thereign has hatched this plot then it does strike me as a monumentally stupid thing to do.

  9. Expelled by his own party. Good. The things he said recently were way out of line. It's beyond political, its anti-patriotic, its nonsense rhetoric, and its like he's running to some bizarre conspiracy theorist agenda.