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Wednesday 13 August 2003

Bittorrent = Fileplanet's Nemesis [spiny]

Lurks posted a similar blog previously about BT & what he forecast seems to be starting to happen...
Fileplanet's days are numbered. How do I know this? Well, I've been getting a bit better at flying the planes in 1942 of late & when I saw 'IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles' in Virgin. I picked it up on a whim along with Raven Shield for a mate in a 2 for 1 offer, 30 notes. Bargain.
That very day the first patch is released, so I truck on over to 3dgamers to leech the zip. All the http & ftp links are saturated with me only getting a measly 3/4k per sec at my end. But 'ho!, what's this?' I cry 'a torrent for the patch too?'. Within seconds I'm saturating my ISDN at 7(ish) k/sec with 11 seeds & 16 peers.
Magic. No subscription fee, no queueing, no retrying busy ftp servers, no slow ftp servers. If game companies start seeding torrents for patches & videos themselves then fileplanet will rapidly become loneleyplanet.
Sturmovik FB's good btw, Looks very nice & you can set the flight model to 'Stuff all that flight sim anal crap, let me just shoot shit out of the sky and stuff rockeys into tank convoys'. It does eat PCs for breakfast though. I'm CPU limited on a 2200 Athlon XP & I've seen frame rates in single figures on some of the demo recordings.
Tata Till next time - Spiny 'Flying Freddy The Fokke Fukka' Norman :)


  1. It's true. If you were, say, Valve Software and you wanted to release a demo of Half-Life 2 - they'd have to fuck around for weeks organising mirrors and a simultaneous release if using the old mechanisms of the past. Now all they need do is run a tracker and put up a torrent file with a single seeder client on a decently fast connection.
    Few hours later they'd be hundreds and hundreds of very fast seeders on there all without having organised a thing. It's no brainer technology, it really is.

  2. Well yeah - that's another thing too. BT probably screws Valve's steam technology. At least the distribution part. You just need to bung a nice front end / game patching engine onto BT & you've got a steam-a-like

  3. I'm grabbing the HL2 movies from Filerush now. Nifty torrentage!