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Thursday 14 August 2003

Punting [beej]

I am realiably informed that when out punting, the punter should punt the puntees not from the flat platform but from the other end. The flat bit is for sunbathing and picnic baskets. Egads!


  1. Depends whether you want to punt from the Oxford or Cambridge end. In Oxford it is from the slope, in Cambridge from the platform. The slope makes more sense as you get better leverage.
    Dan - who use to work summer hols in an Oxford punting house :-)

  2. So not only did you lot manage to sink one, you also had no idea which was the front ??? Skillz

  3. I've punted from both ends (and that's not a euphemism!) and from the back easier by far. Otherwise you're bashing the pole on the boat all the time.

  4. Its not our fault it sunk - we were attacked by a fleet of killer ducks.