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Saturday 23 August 2003

Hot weather tip [lurks]

I have a hot weather tip. You're bound to have electric fans right? Well, you know the guards on them? Remove it and clean the blades. The difference between the amount of air they push with dirty blades and the wire guards is enormous. One tiny little one I've got now shifts so much air I've put it in a window and you can feel the breeze through the whole house. It's quieter too.


  1. Not to be advised if you've got kids though. Well, unless you think fingers are an aberration.

  2. They'll only do it once :)

  3. My god! This works. I happen to have the exact same fan from my 'top floor in an old victorian house' university days, where routinely my room would become sauna like due to lack of through draft.
    Had a quick go at this early on and switched the thing on.. Within rougly 10seconds, all the loose paper that was littering my work table had flown off the table and was scattered around the floor and I was considerably cooler!
    So 10/10 for cooling, 1/10 for keeping your house tidy.

  4. While on the face of it the whole removing of grill on fan thing was a pretty neat suggestion, the list of digit casualties is piling up in the hallowed halls of Electric Death.The consensus is that while it's perfectly possible to avoid the bare whiring blades of death while sobre, there are a few of us known for the odd alcoholic bevvy on occasion. And the list of skinned knuckles and bruised nails grows longer. Clearly what we need is an alcohol sensitive guard that detects faint molecules of alcohol and closes gracefully to save further inebrated injury.