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Wednesday 20 August 2003

Church of The Bleedin' Obvious [am]

Ok stupidity alert. One of those blogs where you feel ashamed to be blogging. I've just read a thread which made me slap my forehead audibly really hard. And made me look stupid. And it's not going to put me in a good light. But that's not necessarily the spirit of Electric Death either. It's a bit like this; a few years ago I remember being embarrassed that I had got to past twenty before spotting the word 'breakfast' was literally '' i.e. break your fast of the night.
Well today someone said 'If you were thinking of a band name what would it be? Well it wouldn't be like going to your friends and saying 'I've got an idea - we'll call ourselves The Beetles but to be really clever right, cos we're a pop combon, we'll call ourselves 'The Beat-les' geddit? The Beatles like with a Beat.'
Well in 33 years on the planet, I hadn't spotted that :(
Altogether now...... DOH!


  1. Didn't know, and not going to bust a gut like you old man. You give too much credit to Lennon anyway. Its not that fundamentally ironic, Google would suggest:

    In early May 1960, John's friend, Stuart Sutcliffe, joined the band. Lennon and Sutcliffe decided on a new name, The Beatals. It was a play on Buddy Holly's band's name, The Crickets, but used a misspelling of the word 'beetles' so as to contain the word 'beat.'
    Friends and fellow musicians thought the name was ridiculous, and urged them to abandon it. But Lennon continued to experiment with the name, and about a week later adopted The Silver Beetles.
    Except for one Liverpool engagement on May 14, 1960, in which the band used the name The Silver Beats, the name The Silver Beetles lasted until late June 1960.
    In early July, Pete Best joined the group as drummer. Lennon continued to waiver some between The Silver Beetles and The Silver Beatles. On Aug. 16, 1960, the band finally adopted The Beatles, forever.

  2. Pass the crack Vicar - 'you give too much credit to Lennon'???? Apartfrom not knowing what you're on about, the quote 'but used a misspellingof the word 'beetles' so as to contain the word 'beat.'' was exactly thepoint of what I hadn't seen. So errrrr
    I suspect supercharger fumes myself readers....

  3. Am... are you feeling alright mate? You haven't made sense in such a long time, we're all starting to get worried. Remember: just ask yourself, 'what would Jebus do?'

  4. It works the other way too. I was convinced all through school that the 'dance dance, whereever you may be' hymn was about some kind of sofa for ballet people and went 'I am the lord of the dance settee'.Oh and I'm with dave, I hadn't a clue what the fuck you were on about until I'd read beej's post.

  5. I mistakenly assumed you meant Beat-less not Beat-les. So some confusion on my part.

  6. Hmm, I kinda realised the make up of the name sometime ago and later on there were tribute bands that went under the name of Beat Less and the like...