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Friday 29 August 2003

Drinking whilst Drunk, and the perilous dangers therein [brit]

Last night I blew off quite a bit of steam by getting absolutely and utterly cunted at the agency bar. I had no choice really, one of my guys is leaving us for a new life in Morocco (drinks required there), and the power cut reduced homeward-bound travel viability to zero (more drinks then).
Now, we've got our own bar here, complete with Evil Spirits(TM) - and as EED will testify, I'm a fan of sambuca. Flaming sambucas to be precise.
Remember kids, the sambuca gets hot. When it starts boiling, you know it's far too fucking hot to do anything with. Let alone attempt to extinguish in the traditional way...
View the mark of the evil sambuca!


  1. Its the mark! He is the one! (Gets on knees and tries to find gourd...)

  2. Hmm there's a good point. I think it's time to buy some Sambuca for the Hou|lan!