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Friday 15 August 2003

RSS - teh win! [slim]

I appreciate this isn't new tech, and you're all using this already and laughing at me. But I've just discovered RSS and by lord it roxors!
If you're in the dark like wot I was, it's basically just a standard (I think I've got this right) where websites put their headlines into an xml file. You get an RSS reader that picks the xml up and displays the current headlines/news/forum topics/whatever, and if you see anything you fancy, you click on it and get the page. Simple enough eh? Thing is, because its xml based, and you're only leeching headlines its very fucking fast. I'm using the fabularistic firebird browser, and it has a free RSS extension available that reads RSS from sites in a bookmark folder. As it uses firebirds own bookmark system it means you can set up folders in folders, all that jazz.
Then I found another leet site, newsisfree which is jam packed full of RSS feeds that you just drag into your RSS panel and get headlines soooper quick.
Now, shame you can't filter. I'd love a panel that'll have a settable refresh rate where I can get it to alert me on updates, or keep an eye out for keywords. Someone that's not as slack as me write one please, ta.
Oh, and if anyones been RSS savvy for a while, post up any good xml links, I'm on the hunt!

1 comment:

  1. BBC RSS feeds - I'm trying them in NewsMonster whilst I tinker with Firebird.