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Sunday 10 August 2003

XIII [lurks]

Had a go of this XIII thing. It's an Unreal Warfare engine game which is drawn in the style of a cartoon. It's not cell shaded, exactly. Just the textures are cartoon-like. It's actually quite nice. Of course the morons couldn't resist making shiny things but so far there looks to be a fair few original takes on the genre. I like the animated cartoon speech bubbles. Definately worth a leech. It's buggy as hell mind and setting up the controls is just plain bizarre. It's return to accept your changes (took me awhile to figure that out). And it's ctrl-alt-delete to actually quit out but it's still worth a look.

I'm guessing that since it's from Ubisoft and there's a fair bit of incompetance going on that it's a French game. The full thing might be worth a look anyway.


  1. Really like the feel of this game from the demo, however I'm not quite sure how many favours they've done theirselves by producing a demo like this.
    The first level is stylish and fairly easy really, the second level jumps in to the storyline in the middle of nowhere and your sent off to find some bloke in a cell for some reason, so off you trot with some vastly improved weapons to see whats going on.
    Your confronted by a vastly harder encounter, each enemy you encounter can take you from 100health to dead in a matter of seconds, so you really have to take things nice and slowly and make each bullet count (if it ain't a headshot, you may as well not bother).
    Now, I quite like that, the challenge is high, and its a fun level with elements of 'mission impossible' style espionage even, with grappling hooks lowering you down ventalation ducts etc. However, for the average pe0n who's not played FPS's that much, I can see them not getting off the first floor ever and being put off from the full product because of it.
    Anyway, I'll be looking out for it with interest when its released, but I wonder how well it'll actualy do when its released.