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Monday 25 August 2003

Tron 2 reviewed [slim]

Just had a quick run around the warez version of Tron 2. It's all Very weirdy and computery and true to the style of Tron, which make the fps setting feel quite fresh too, perhaps because the environments aren't trying to follow any real world setting. You've got lighting where it shouldn't be, boxes hanging in the air in odd places, stuff doesn't have to conform, and that makes it pretty interesting.

It feels a bit jedi knight 2 ish too, and a little bit deus ex, as you grow your character as you go in a vaugly RPG way, giving him software updates which bring extra power and abilities. The combat reminds me of Jedi Knight too, the disk is your primary weapon as the lightsabre is in JK2, and it can block incoming and performa variety of attacks. There are other guns but they're all a bit pants compared to the disk, again like JK2 and it's ubar sabre. I like the way the fps pooning things and finding keys mechanic is broken up with light cycle and disk duel competitions too, and am looking forward to trying those out in multiplayer.

It's got a fairly interesting plot, you're searching for corruption inside the computer where a sort of rogue process is causing programs to worship it. It's also a direct follow on from the first movie, which adds a bit of interest for the fans. Voice acting is ok too. The in game actors aren't bad looking, but do kind of overact and wave their arms about in a way that reminded me of Nolf and Nolf2. What is it with Lithtech games and cheesy acting? Also nice is the way you keep in touch with developments in the real world by scanning memory inside the computer for emails, although it feels a bit voyeurish to do so.

[Goes away to play some more]

I'm fucked now, because I had one of those couldn't stop playing it nights and went to bed really late, bah. It is superb even with more play. You collect new abilities by installing subroutines, which can then be upgraded. Your interface can only handle a few of these subs at a time, so you've got to chop and change em depending on what you fancy. Some of these enhance your abilities like give you stealth or a higher jump, others give you items like guns or armour. It's very clever.

Thing is, I love Tron. I loved it when I went to the flics to watch it, and I loved it when I rented it on video. On Betamax video. Now are there many gamers around my age? Are the ones who are younger than me going to know what the fuck all this is about?

Fuck em anyway, it's a top game!


  1. Gotta say I agree with everything you said. I had doubts when they announced the studio but they've made a fantastic game. I couldn't have hoped for a better one.
    I did exactly the same and sa=tayed up late playing it. Its a double edged sword tho. I'm on the last level ;(
    Only critisism I can give it is that the disc blocking still feels like they've got the timing wrong. Anyone else get this?

  2. I think they've screwed up the timing deliberately, otherwise it would be a little too easy to block the majority of attacks.
    One criticism I have is that it is very much a 'save and reload' fest. There are some areas where the only way to win is to play it through a couple of times so you know exactly where all the enemies are, which is a bit frustrating. Still good fun though.

  3. Well, I finished it saturday night. Enjoyed it all the way through. The end boss was a bit lame but aren't they all.
    I only found 3 more things that I didn't like. 1) You dont get to drive a tank. 2) you dont get to drive a recognizer. 3) The end boss wasn't a cone of leetness ;)

  4. The main problem I have with it is the save and reloadyness of it all too, especially the platform sections. Still, its fucking tron, you get to do disc combat and it all looks fucking fantastic. Very typical monolyth stuff though, conversations overheard through doors, plot revealed through collected notes (in this case emails) and a skills progression system. If you liked the NOLF games, which I did, then you'll love this. Otherwise you're a bit of a soft lad has been and you should still be playing old q1 engine multiplayer counter terrorism games :)