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Wednesday 20 August 2003

The Darkness [slim]

Why does everyone rave over this bucket of festering shite? What the fuck is it all about? Is it supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be good? Well it fucking isn't. It's shit, unfunny shite. And it's not Zep. Cunts, the lot of em, mocking rock! How dare they! Rock rocks!


  1. Do lighten up old boy....I think they are rather good. Have you heard the album? They fucking rocked at Glasto!

  2. If that blog is about the album then you are dead fucking absolutely one hundred percent wrong mate. First listen - this is fucking odd. Tenth listen and you just go with the good vibes and excellence of it all. An absolutely brilliant album - totally recommended for those who can go with music-as-entertainment.

  3. Hard rocking is a fucking serious business, and these are making a mockery of it! How dare they laugh at the holy temple of metal! Ozzy, Page, Plant, Angus and all their mates should go round to The Darknesses house and beat the living shit out of them. On live TV.

  4. They are the new Sigue Sigue Sputnik, and praise the Lord they will go the same was as Embraced, The Music, The Coral...
    I do wonder who gets taken in by all this 'flavour of the month' mullarky. I used to work with a guy who had been a journo at the NME at one point. He knew absolutely f!ck all about music. Seriously. Didn't care either. Freely admitted his job was to find some bunch no-one had heard of and hype the crap out of them so they could stick them on the front cover and sell copy. In the end there's little functional difference how they are sold to how say Atomic Kitten are sold, just marketed to a different segment in a different style.
    Having said that what I saw on the glasto coverage wasn't bad. Nowhere near good enought to convince me to spend any money on their stuff though.

  5. I wouldn't put The Music anywhere near the the coral. I found the music to be quite a fresh take on a kind of retro rock sound. Their album was stonking.

  6. Their singer is fucking superb!! Dave Lee Roth has been born again and he can do bigger star jumps this time round!!!Fooking really loike!!

  7. If you think The Music have 'gone' some way then I think you're going to be really disappointed by their next album which I should think is an absolute shoe-in for monster smash hit including in the States where they have been monstering it up. Don't forget this is a *very* young band and they are signposting pretty heavily that they are going to develop into something serious.
    But anyway if you listen to the whole Darkness album it is a 100% smile on your face experience. They're not trying to pretend to be something they are not but there is some proper really good song-writing going on here and some absolutely superb guitaring - it's not a joke band - it's just a band that's totally dedicated to having a good time. Spend 3 days with the album and if you're not converted you're dead in the head mate.

  8. I gave this a decent listen. Bottom line, I think the instrument playing is decidely amateur, particularly bass and percussion. The singer is the only thing of merit. If you take offense to the retro male falsetto then you'll hate it. I admire them for having the balls and I think the whole tongue-in-cheek aspect of it is just a cover for the fact that this is their sound.
    There's a couple of decent tracks on the album but by and large it's a lot of squealing and a lot of bad playing. It's just not that good I'm afraid.

  9. Having actually listened to the darkness' album now, it does rock!