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Friday 1 August 2003

Working late, and watching buildings burn [brit]

As my fellow clan mates will testify, of late yours truly has been rather quiet on the 'EED scene' - 12 hour days are currently the norm as we approach the launch of a project that has eaten up 8 months of my life.
However, whilst toiling away last night, work was interrupted by the announcement that the rather large office block no more than 100 yards away (and directly opposite) was on fire. Big style. So much so, that the BBC even put a page or two up on their site, plus that photo gallery.
The last time I saw a fire like this, it was on a ship firefighting course in 1997; the flames were literally *pouring* out of the building; climbing up the outside to bypass the concrete (and hence fireproof) floor separators.. in the space of 2 hours it consumed 5 floors.
So, we broke out the beer.. after all, we couldn't leave; 20 fire appliances, 4 ambulances, a rather cool looking fire command unit, and truck loads of police were all outside, and the amount of shit in the air was quite visible..


  1. Cor, cool! Got the Budweiser account then? :)

  2. I looked at the photo and thought 'cool pictures on the wall in that pub'... then I read the blog. D'oh :-D

  3. I feel a caption competition brewing...

  4. Errr the people you are with havent been watching any strange videos within the last seven days (followed by a phone call) have they?