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Wednesday 13 August 2003

Netjuke [lurks]

Struck me that I'd quite like to stream some MP3s in to work. In the past I had this wicked Slimp3 which did exactly what I want - a front end to my MP3 collection, browse through it and click to play. Of course it played via the hardware player though - now I want something that I can stream over the LAN and the Net at large.
So I had a bit of a look-see around last night. I turned up NetJuke which is a PHP thing on SourceForge which looks bloody lovely. Although sadly because it's PHP it doesn't actually work of course. This may or may not be something specifically to do with PHP 4 installed on my Xitami web server. I'm reluctant to go banging on IIS purely as a security and bloat issue, I quite like Xitami. I managed to run the installer and set it up on MySQL but now I'm getting 404 errors on PHP pages. Weird!
So anyway, has anyone else seen stuff like this? I'm keen enough on this at the minute that I'll try a few to see how they shape up.


  1. Guess not...I installed Apache after lots of fucking around. Installed PHP after yet more fucking around. Installed Netjuke after plenty more fucking around. Then, and only then, do I find that Netjuke barfs on all sorts of filenames such as brackets and the plus symbol. It's also unbelievably slow to import and seems to rely on you putting your entire mp3 collection available to leech off a web server with no particular security measures.It looks wicked but sadly it's pretty darn stinky in reality. There really *must* be more software around like this?!

  2. Doesn't Dr.Dave do something like this from babydave dot com ?

  3. I vaugely recall. I've actually got Netjuke to work now. It meant vaping all the '+' symbols in my collection but the brackets thing doesn't seem to be a problem. It took a fucking age to import everything but I think it was worth it now that the rest of the folks in the house have easy access to the mp3 collection, including the Mac-based folks upstairs.

  4. So does this actually stream or just share the file up? Can I have a demo? :)

  5. It streams. I've put together a pack of all the software and a pretty comprehensive guide to getting it working. Leech it here.

  6. Guide worked a treat. My importing stalled though, so I'm going to have to check filenames I think, bah.
    Couldn't get transcoding working either, despite doing everything the guide says. Might be cos it's expecting linux faggotry.

  7. Yeah, I was doing it for about two years (here). Streamed using winamp, shoutcast (here) and the songrequester (here) plugin. Slapped together a bit of perl to list my MP3s and display them on a web page and tied it together to allow you to request, queue, look at top 10 requests etc. You could define playlists by genre and save them etc. Songrequester would transcode down to your required bitrate. I had it on 64kbps, but tried 128kbps for a while. The site got advertised on Shoutcast and I seemed to regularly get my full 4 user compliment on there.
    It was all fairly leet and I streamed music to work for about two years. The best bit was just letting it play on random play, with over 5000 songs to pick from.
    Unfortunately, I've been monkeying around with my MP3 structure recently and therefore I've killed it all. Need to update the import functionality (which took about two minutes to import the songs and tags into a database incidentally).

  8. It doesn't seem to stall on bad filenames, you get an error in the log on those. It just seems to stall for the fun of it. Php innit, stinky by nature. Seems no one got transcoding to work then...