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Monday 18 August 2003

Do you suffer from unsightly bulging pockets? [houmous]

Hi all. WhatÂ’s the first thing you do when you get in from work? Reach for the beer? Make love to the missus on the kitchen floor? Hug the dog? Well for me itÂ’s putting my hands into my pockets and emptying my change into my change bowl (thats the sort of exciting life I lead hehe)
The trouble is that while I pick a few bits of silver out in the morning the rest of it builds up and up - and what the hell do you do with it? When I couldn’t even palm it off on my kids any more when they came round (there’s your pocket money love - take £10 out of those coppers) I realised I needed to do something drastic before I drowned in a sea of 2p pieces...
By pure luck I discovered the answer last week while visiting a Sainsburys in Farnham - a change converter machine! Its got a great big hopper which you pour your sack of coins into - works out how much there is,rejects the foreign ones haha, takes 7.5p per pound for the privilege and then gives you a till receipt which you take to one of the checkouts and - bingo! Hard cash in the form of notes are handed to you! sorted!


  1. Used to be banks did that for free?

  2. I've not really been a regular Sainsburys person but I have heard of these machines and they sound bloody useful. I used to fill up a pot of coppers, but now I fill up those little £1 money bags from the bank. Errrr, which thinking about it is a bit weird...

  3. Yes but we're talking about filling those coin bags with coins, Beej, not man mustard.

  4. You have to presort it for banks Lurks...for the time that takes I could be doing something useful - like getting killed in RS again..haha

  5. I keep a big glass jar for loose change, always empty coins under 20p into there whenever I can. I counted it up the other day and found £56! Nice, I'll save that for a rainy day.

  6. Isn't that the stupidest fucking saying? Who wants to go shopping on a rainy day? You want to stay inside! You should save it for a dry day, that's not too sunny, so you want to go shopping. If it's too sunny you won't want to be inside a shop though, naturally.

  7. Slim, it's not a literal saying, it means to save something for when things aren't so merry, when things are down, so in this context, when I'm a bit low on cash :0