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Tuesday 5 August 2003

Memories [spiny]

If you're interested in naval history or WWII then this may be up your street, if not, erm, it probably isn't :)
Here is a throw-together web album.
It's all stuff from my dad's photo album while serving with the fleet air arm in the far east. The shots cover 1943 - 1945.
Apologies for the 'unique' design, it wasn't me, it was a wizard :)


  1. Kick arse photos! I think the aircraft in 'plane_-_hms_heron.jpg' is a Mosquito?

  2. Cool pics spiny! its amazing the detail and quality of some of the aerial shots.

  3. I think you're right beej,I do recall meh dad mentioning mossies a lot, that & hurricanes. He really liked them, easy to work on.