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Friday 25 April 2003

Ask a Stupid Question [spiro]

Came across a story in the Metro this morning all about Madonna's new album. She's planned an nasty trick for people who will down load it.
Instead of American Life, MP3 networks have been flooded with fake tracks. They contain no music, just Madonna demanding 'WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?'. The fakes have been made to look like full length tracks so you can't ell until you play it for the first time.
I thought this was quite funny till I read on. It looks like all she's managed to do is stir up a hornets nest. An Unknown Assailant hack her official site and posted the real MP3's of all 11 tracks and then replaced the home page with a message saying 'THIS IS WHAT THE FUCK I THINK I'M DOING'. The site was down for 15 hours being restored.


  1. I'd never describe myself a fan of Madge's stuff but I've got a good deal of respect for someone being in the biz as long as she has. What is really irritating me at the moment, however, is this insipid moral highground shit that she's trotting out. Oh it's all about money, except for me of course - I've seen the light! She's even threatening to write childrens books steeped in morality as well. Spare us! I dug out an excellent article in the Guardian I read a few weeks back. The author takes exception to Madonna's pilfering of the Che Guevara imagery and I tend to agree;

    Obviously, none can see into the heart of Che, but since he gave his life to the pursuit of justice, you can imagine what his answer to Madonna would be. 'Well, Madge,' he would say, 'other people do not exist to give you satisfaction. If you find that your lifelong pursuit of cash has left you empty, that is the result not of some lazy, nihilistic, life's-a-bitch 'truism', but rather because you have been atomised by the relentlessness of your own self-interest.'

    I'm genuinely wondering what the fuck she thinks she's doing. Shit movies, shit albums and now shit children's books too by all accounts. How the mighty pointy tits have fallen.

  2. I particulally took unbridge when she spent a week telling everyone about her Sooper Cool Anti-war video for American Life, and then spending another week telling everyone that she's going to pull it as a mark of respect for the servicemen (and women) and their families. Talk about inventing your own news.
    I presume the idea was to try and create demand as an underground hit via those evil P2P networks as people trade the 'leaked' video.

  3. The... same P2P networks that Madge is releasing fake recordings on going 'What the fuck do you think you're doing?' I doubt it somehow!

  4. I went out with her for a while and she was fine.