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Friday 4 April 2003

CNN classic [pod]

Experts with newscaster on CNN 24th March.
3 yank experts including a former 2-star general from delta force, 1 ex SAS and the network's Anchor.
Footage of iraqis giving themselves up.
Anchor: We have no verification as of yet if they are british or american troops taking these POW's
Yank 1: Only americans wear boots like that, they're american
Yank 2: I agree, and they appear to have american camouflage jackets.
Yank 3 (delta force bloke): I'm not so sure, there's not enough up-close detail to tell 100%, we'd need some close images to tell make of boots and jackets and maybe the shape of their kevlar headgear.
Ex SAS man: Call yourselves experts? Since when did US forces use an SA80 as a standard issue rifle? Their DPM's can be bought as can boots so you're chasing rainbows if you want to identify them from their clothes.
Anchor: I think you're right.
Ex SAS man: Course I'm bloody right. Any one with half a brain and basic military training worth their salt should be able to identify a British soldier by his rifle. Not to mention the fact they're covering all points properly, not shouting 'woo yeah' randomly, and haven't raised a flag in direct contravention with orders.
At this point 1 of the Yanks walks off stage tearing his mic off, and the Anchor says 'I think we can safely say the soldiers on your screen are British. Now for these messages'.
Fade to ad break!


  1. I thought all British personnel had to wear fluorescent strips on their backs, just in case. And I'm sure I read somewhere that everyone in the US army has recently been issued with a Ladybird Book of British Tanks and Planes.

  2. Well, in the case of of the A10-Thunderbolt flying yank muppet - the union jack flags strapped to the back of the Scimitars ought to have been something of a giveaway. At any time during the two passes he took...