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Wednesday 16 April 2003

SATA - Less is more? [lurks]

You heard of SATA? Serial ATA. New hard disk interface to replace IDE where basically it's serial instead of those silly ribbon cables cluttering up your PC. This is good right. Small narrow cables, same sort of transfer speeds as IDE gets anyway. Ace. So how come they go and introduce a new power connector on these SATA drives too. So instead of the 4-pin power (Ground, +5V and +12V being all that's needed), it's now got a 15 pin power connector that requires an adaptor. The fucktards are taking over I tell you!


  1. That's just retarded... why not just build the adaptor into the drive then, and save the hassle of having a 15 pin power cable replacing a 20 pin ribbon cable? Madness!

  2. In order words why not have a nice big 4-pin power connector on the drives just like the old ones? I don't really know. There must be some reason but given that one has to retain the old 4-pin plugs anyway because they remain a perfectly acceptable solution to high current DC power requirements, it seems bizarre to me.