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Tuesday 29 April 2003

Funny Pics - you know you wanna [slim]

Post yer funny pics here fucktards!


  1. Yeah, I know they do the rounds, but some of em are quality. This one really made me giggle today: What happened next? :)

  2. That picture is broken.
    But tell me, would you eat this? Well? would you? More salt please waiter!
    So yes, how about this one then - I know that some of EED's sexual proclivaties are best left entombed in a Book Of Death, but this lady takes the biscuit (reasonable rates so I'm told).
    Of course, not all of EED are fully up to speed when it comes to using their computers - after all, some people join teamspeak but don't actually HAVE Raven Shield.. so for all you folk, here's some information on how to communicate with your computer.
    Not being one to shirk from the sciences (we have after all a resident asstrologer) hows this for a basic lesson in deep sea pressure; watch as the crab walks over the hairline cut in the pipe, filmed at 1,100metres on an oil/gas pipeline.
    And finally, one for all you feminists out there; oh yes - so you cleaver beavers think you can play golf at Augusta eh? well have your protests, but don't expect everyone to agree with youBah. Pic works now, and I've just posted the same one :)

  3. You took a jpg and saved it out as a 365k BMP? Skillz!

  4. *searches in vain for the picture*

  5. Just a few classic places names.

  6. Hardly dear chap, the BMP came round the office email about a fortnight ago.

  7. You're dicks a cock spiro.

  8. A fortnight ago eh? Has it taken you that long to download it's massive ass from the server? ;)

  9. Speak English Slim

  10. Do you know what the difference is between Dolphins and Whales?Not Suitable for Work

  11. This isn't a picture, but it made me laugh - reminds me of Jay.
    English to AOL l33t kiddy translator

  12. Well, nothing of what's presented here is quite as funny as this! (it's worksafe)