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Saturday 19 April 2003

Rugby shirts.. oooh weeee! [brit]

Well now, this blog will probably have a few comments attached to it i'll wager, but no matter. Onwards!
The saga so far involves 2 companies that refused the order, 1 that ceased trading, 1 that failed to deliver, and 1 that delivered the wrong thing.. all in all, it's been over a year since my fellow EED placed their order, and due to my unnaturally shambolic lameness in this regard, only now have I realised that yes, work (of all places) have direct links into an amazing crowd.
So I got a sample today - which pleased me greatly. Because it means the rugby shirts will be in your hands within 14 days. Marvellous. (the crowd we use here, and which are one of those Well Kept Secrets(TM)) have been stunning; taking instructions over the phone and me faxing payment and being cleared within *1 hour*.
In case you've forgotten what it is you ordered, my GOD here's proof:

Incidentally, there will be spare (I had to buy additional) and these will be made available on a first come, first served basis - £24.00 each including VAT. Fucking good quality too.


  1. THE RUGBY SHIRTS! First moses now this!!!
    Brit, we never had a single doubt you could sort it out ;)

  2. Lol @ pic, bastard. Yeah, hehe, not a single doubt. Hehe.

  3. enqueue me for a Large one if possible please brit0rs!

  4. Leet! Black and white! Same as me unit colours. Big up teh Britster... better late than never, eh? :)

  5. So, any danger of reminding me what I ordered, and how much wonga I need to send to you?

  6. mail me if you've lost the parchment with my snail addy on :)