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Tuesday 22 April 2003

The making of a terrorist [lurks]

I was skimming the Guardian this morning and I came across this stunning article. It's an extract from a book by the brother of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th terrorist in the 11/9 attacks. He was recruited by the Al Qaeda network and was undertaking pilot training in order to participate in the attacks. This article provides his background and is a chilling account of how Al Qaeda preyed on the vulnerable and disenfranchised.

What was particularly telling is how Zacarias Moussaoui was essentially ignorant of religion, arabic culture and even the arabic language. Yet he was still brainwashed with the extremeist corrupt version of the Wahhabi flavor of Islam that Al Qaeda use as brainwashing and this occured in London too! It's a long article but here's a bit to entice you to read it;

When Zacarias came back the following year, I found him quite different. Until 1994, Zacarias and my wife Fouzia had always had very deep conversations. Zacarias would encourage her to take her studies as far as she possibly could. But now his argument had radically altered. He would say over and over to Fouzia: "Studies aren't important for women. You'd be better off staying at home." One night, when the three of us were watching a film on TV, in which a woman was hit by her husband, Zacarias said ironically: "Serves her right. That's what women need." Fouzia and I were aghast.


  1. This is an arguement against terrorism lurk right? ;-)

  2. Why do I get the impression posting blogs like this is wasted on you? :)