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Wednesday 9 April 2003

Stumpy the stalker? [lurks]

Remember that Stumpy bloke? Well... he's stalking our web site. You can see his games company in the 'Last 10 visitors' on the stats (icon on bottom right). It's spooky, he doesn't write, he doesn't call but he reads our web page. The hairs on the back of my neck have risen.


  1. Stumpy appears on IRC! It appears on this occasion that we managed to complete the Mong Summoning Ritual correctly. He's even threatening to buy Raven Shield and come play - madness!

  2. 2.4% of our hits are from .au so HAVE THE FUCKING PH34R! (Statistically, whoever it is is visiting the site more than Lotta?)

  3. Due to the odd way some of our network traffic is routed in this office, i'm boosting the stats of canada despite being in surrey. :-)