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Friday 11 April 2003

New stuff in Rebot 2.88 [lurks]

I've been adding some funky stuff. First off, a dead basic lookup on which is a site that average Net review scores for games. Just go Rebot review blah and it'll summarise all the hits with title, platform and percentage score.

Then there's some funky stuff I nicked from Google labs. I replaced the unuseful googleism query for 'rebot what' and turned this instead to using google's glossary feature. It's dead good! And if you want to home in on the myriad of stuff in Google's glossary index, you can use a new command of 'rebot know' followed by something of interest. It'll then spew back a whole bunch of things around that term which are in the glossary and can be subsequently pulled up on a 'rebot what' query.

I'd provide some examples but I can't be arsed doing all the formatting so you can just try it yourself in #EED :)


  1. I don't like it. It says Manx is a mutation.

  2. You're right, that is incorrect. I think the word is 'aberration'.

  3. The gentleman that's the subect of blog 330 also doesn't like the facts.