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Saturday 5 April 2003

Grand National 2003 [beej]

It's the 156th Grand National! Being stuck at work I'm in on the ubiquitous office sweepstake; the war pauses this afternoon when I'll be watching DJEDDA triumph after 4.5miles (or perhaps, fall at the first). Now name your nags!


  1. Isn't the favorite called Shotgun Eddie or something? Any horse with a name like that gets my vote!

  2. It's an Irish nag by the name of Shotgun Willy, and I have him in my works sweepstake. He was my second draw, because my first was some obscure 50/1 French pony.

  3. I got Royal Predica in my sweepstake. Go Predica Go!!

  4. you got predicta? Hope it doesn't turn blue!

  5. Red Striker @ 50/1 in our office stakes... I like to think that perhaps it is in sync with Arsenal's continued assault on the premiership! COME ON YOU GOONERS!! I also thought 'fuck it' and put a £10 bet on too.

  6. Reckon Spiro has BUNNY BOILER at 50-1? :-)