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Friday 4 April 2003

Chinglish at it's best! [lurks]

I just bought a digital (FM, PLL) radio off eBay, to replace my crappy old Grundig world radio. Got it for £11 all in so wasn't expecting much although I was fairly disappointing to discover that's it's not really digital at all. They've fudged a digital display onto an analog dial. Bah!

However all is not lost as the the 'manual' for the radio has afforded a good deal of comedy value. Here's some choice quotes;
FM Near distance Hi-fi broadcast mode, usual cover range is no more than 100 kilometers. Use the method of relay station to increase cover area,at present,it develops fastest, its quantity is most, its tone is best, there are thirty stations in some cities of the developed countries. A lot of FM stations have been built up in China since the eighties, and they can nearly broadcast stereo program. The SCA to some stations, is used to bradcast stock and education.

Bless! The precautions section also has a but that says 'Avoid fierce lash, falling into the ground". Hehe!


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