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Wednesday 30 April 2003

Nifty app - Netlimiter [lurks]

Nifty thing I found, Netlimiter (site wasn't responding when I wrote this blog) runs on all flavors of Windows and allows you to choke individual net process bandwidth up/down. While Bittorrent, see blog 339, allows choking of outbound bandwidth - it opens up several sockets to download so it's quite capable of seriously choking your Internet connection on the downstream too. Netlimiter can help and according to my tests so far, does help.

Of course, the ace thing is that you can choke DC++ which we couldn't do at all before. It seems to be trialware at the moment, it doesn't seem to use up too much memory and is fairly unobtrusive in the task tray so I reckon it's definitely worth a look. The manual is worth a look too because the Czech authors have an amusingly netlimited grasp of English too :)
Since the web site is b0rked, I've slapped the installer up on Just remember, when the revolution comes, vote Lurks for King.


  1. Just installed this and rebooted. I must say this looks really good, although I'd prefer to have a 'custom' setting for line speed, as I've got more than 1.544Mbit and less than 10Mbit downstream, but there is no setting for that. Other than that, this app really looks to be the solution for capping the bandwith for apps like DC++.

  2. It doesn't appear to use that value for anything though, it even says as much in the manual. It obviously shouldn't be there though as people will want to set their exact speed. There's no 1mb setting either and everything is listed as ADSL. Remember, the Czechs made this - they're on modems and shit.Actually what it does use it for is the bandwidth graphs in the windows. So if you're using 'auto' then your connection settings basically do nothing at all. It's irritating because cable bursts to really silly rates, the auto view is less useful for me. It'd be better if they scrapped all of that and allowed you to set the scale of the graphs yourself, I e-mailed them suggesting this.