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Wednesday 9 April 2003

Rid Raven Shield of! [lurks]

For the first week we played Raven Shield, it was flawless even running on my cable-modem server. But then in the last week it's been crap. People having to reenter their CD-keys, mysteriously booted. Not being able to register on at all. Utter farce. It's astounding, they basically took a really good multiplayer engine (UT) and made it hideously unreliable and irritating. And why, so they can big up their lame French run gaming site?

There's considerable backlash in the official forums already. And an embryonic petition which just started. Communications from UBI seems to be pretty much non existant so far but we're all left in no doubt the game needs a patch and it needs it quickly.

If only they had a proper publisher for the game!


  1. Then again, the guy who started the petition and kicked off that forum thread - he's a bit of a whining kiddy. A lot of the other changes he's asking for are pretty arse.

  2. It seems its a very bad time for games at the moment.Now I work in the industry so I have some idea of the problems facing developers and time constraints but it seems to me that some Dev's out there just dont have a clue.
    Not being able to play the game online because the stats server is down is probably the worst thing I've heard in a long time. Did they test the online game at all? Did they not twig this might happen?
    It probably takes less than a day to code in some timeout clause that allows you to proceed if both the client and the server can't see the stats server (both need to see for copy protection issues)
    Socom on the ps2 is another one that annoys the hell out of me. The reload button is L3 (click the left stick in), which means you tend to reload in intense firefights. Which brainiac decided on that eh? Which muppet group of designers/testers didn't realise it was a problem in testing?
    The list goes on etc

  3. Anhow, back to the actual topic here. IE the intense lameness of, I've just had a monster rant at one of their dev team on their forums.

  4. Right on! Although it was fairly stable tonight, some lameness getting started, then it stayed up for a coupla hours, woot.
    Not sure if that frenchman is a dev or not. Anyway, we seemed to get the point accross if he is, so perhaps we might see a death to patch coming soon!

  5. It's obviously pointless to whine in that forum although it was amusing to see me scare the Frenchman into reverting to his mother tongue :) I've just sent a couple of e-mails to senior people at Ubi and Redstorm to highlight the issues and request some idea of what they intend to do. I also did mention that I don't think they're doing a good job of online representation as it stands as well.
    Gave it a bit of that 'We're all in the games industry too' in-speak and hopefully didn't sound to critical so maybe they'll get back to me. I'll obviously post any results here.