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Saturday 5 April 2003

Listerine Actives [lurks]

You seen the adverts for these Listerine 'Actives'? They're basically tiny rectangular sheets which seem like plastic but when you put one on your tongue it dissolves. It's basically like taking a nuclear mint that vanishes in no time. If you, like me, suffer from 'coffee breath', this sort of thing is ideal before walking into an interview or whatever :)
Anyhow, this isn't the sort of thing I'd just go and buy. Some fit tart shoved one in my face as a sample. See if you can find one and try it out. One thing is for sure, you wont be recreationally gobbling them throughout the day!


  1. Ahh yes... There's a version of these (I think Wrigleys are the people responsible) which are very heavily mint flavoured, and probably best described as 'mouth napalm' - on the grounds that they're very sticky, and burn like hell. The trick is not to get any bits of them stuck underneath your tongue, because you may have difficulty speaking for a short while. :)

  2. But just the thing for getting a nasty taste out of your mouth eh Shinji? :)

  3. I had penned a response to this, and then realised that there may be children (like Muz) reading this, whose fragile minds would be warped. I'm very socially responsible, me.