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Friday 20 June 2003

ADSL woot! [lurks]

Wahey! Unfortunately Nildram haven't given me the log-in yet so all I can access is BT's web site. Waiting for them to get up now and clue me up. This will be the last blog uploaded on a modem, let me tell you!


  1. Hmm, they're not being fast about giving me my log-in details...

  2. Patience is a virtue

  3. That's not BroadBand, this is:
    cbos#sh int wan0
    wan0 ADSL Physical Port
    Line Trained
    Data rate 6720 Kbps down; 960 Kbps up
    Line capacity 7232 Kbps down; 1088 Kbps up

  4. You know, you can be seriously irritating sometimes. :-/

  5. Notice that I can almost saturate your downstream bandwith with my upstream :)

  6. TWAT!Hooray, back up and running! Land of the living. Broadband returneth! Life is good! Planetside tonight!!!I will say this. On the whole, despite the slightly greater alleged bandwidth on ADSL - I've noticed a number of drawbacks compared to cable. Fairly moderate leeching hammers your ping and 2/3rds saturating upstream *really* hammers your ping. Also it's quite rare to get anything to leech at over 100k/s. On cable I'd frequently saturate the downstream at 120k/s. So on the whole it's essentially more expensive and slower than cable modem. Bah.On the other hand, the peering is excellent. The unloaded ping is absolutely stonking, way better than I had on my last two ADSL installs - typically 11-12ms. We'll see how it goes, I'm on a month contract so I'll leave it a few months. For the price I'm paying I could have 512k cable and 512k DSL which might be a nice option. Assuming I could stomach going back to Telewest any time soon.