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Sunday 8 June 2003

Mini film review roundup [lurks]

Been awhile since we've done one of these. There seems to be a load of movies about of fairly unknown calibre so maybe we can help eachother avoid wasting our time on turkeys.


  1. National Security: Absolutely appalling comedy/action film once again playing the whole American race card in a deeply unfunny and imminently forgetable film that should be just that, forgotten.
    Finding Nemo: Classic stunning Pixar adventure, family safe and thoroughly enjoyable without being too taxing if you can avoid vomiting at the whole sickly sweet American father-son love theme.
    Bulletproof Monk: Chow Yun Fat needs to get better management! How a star of Crouching Tiger can decend into near B-Movie shenanigans like this is completely lost on me. The plot is nonsense, the acting abysmal and the fighting scene stuff doesn't save it. Avoid!
    Matrix Reloaded: Wow. Yet for all that, that's all there really is. Wow at the grandeur and effects of an up-ante Matrix but sadly it doesn't have the same impact as the original, despite desperately trying to engage the viewer in the babbling monologue of a plot.

  2. I think it's unfair to connect Matrix Reloaded's plot to the babbling monologues. There's nothing really wrong with the plot (no more than the first movie anyway), while the babbling monologues are largely unnecessary to the plot and clearly deserve a health warning.

  3. Hmm you know a critique of the reviews wasn't really the point of this. Feel free to do your own. :)

  4. Matrix Reloaded: Fails to stand up to the ground-breaking original in so many ways. A cacophony of thin characters, a meandering script devoid of interesting dialogue, but overall a plot with wasted potential that cannot match even some of the many successes of its predecessor. Disappointing.

  5. 28 Days Later: Low budget horror based on a couple of cliches, deserted city (London, no less) and zombies. It's less scary than intense and gory. The proper British acting saves it from mediocrity, worth a jaw clench or two.

  6. 28 Days Later: Ambitious britflick with a solid plot based on a plague-like epidemic sweeping the UK. Surprisingly atmospheric and probably a little more horror than sci-fi, its a watchable thinking-person's movie let down a tad by a limp final reel.

  7. Matrix Reloaded: a decent sequel, it delivered more of the action and fx that made the first so good. Its major drawback seems to be that the makers have bought into the hype of the original being all deep and meaningful and tried to make the sequel like that.
    Bruce Almighty: the ending of this movie is very obvious, but its a watcheable comedy as long as you don't hate jim carey playing jim carey in another film.

  8. The Salton Sea: Surprisingly good drugs (speed - yuck) film worth seeing anyway for the man who snorted so much they had to cut his nose off and the JFK assassination simulation using pigeons :)