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Friday 20 June 2003

Consumerism gone mad [lurks]

Rampant lazy consumerism is spiraling out of control and it's really getting on my tits. The latest astounding example I caught on a television advert last night. It appeared to be some vegetables in a plastic bag which you put in the microwave. So now you buy fucking vegetables in a plastic box which you throw away of course, inside a plastic bag which you throw away.
And all for what? Because, this advert exclaims, people are too fucking busy to just put their own vegetables in a bit of tupperware or a bowl and put into the microwave. Jesus fucking wept. What's the matter with a big bag of frozen vegetables if you're so cunting useless that you can't spent 15 seconds chopping up some fresh stuff?
Soon you wont be able to buy anything in a fucking supermarket at all, for yourself. You'll walk in and they'll be a trolly waiting with loads of boxes of things which you take out and put in the fucking microwave. It'll be a huge trolly but it'll only hold enough actual food for one person for three days.
When will this madness end?!


  1. I blame..... everyone!
    I thought the world had ended about five years ago when I saw ready-made porridge in Marks and Sparks.
    Surely the next logical step is supermarkets just to have fresh turds in-a-bag which you drop into your toilet, cuts out of the middleman y'see.
    Seriously though, what annoys me is that these products are worse than the real thing, so what's the point? Ah, it's because people are too busy these days... so how come we have more leisure time than ever before? Oh I get it, people want to spend their time driving to and from the gym or to and from the supermarket to buy to fucking turds in a bag.

  2. I completely agree! I just don't understand the whole mentality behind the pre-prepared, frozen, plastic wrapped meal concept. Cooking proper meals has so many advantages; you know exactly what you're eating, it's cheaper, it's invariably healthier, it sure as hell tastes better and it's fun!
    And folks are willing to trade off all of that just because they don't want to spend 20 min in the kitchen?
    It's not just a case of getting annoyed at the shite in the supermarket now. It's a case of there now being so much of that shit that it's getting increasingly difficult to buy various items to do real cooking with. You can buy 14,000 brands of curry in a jar but just you try and find the spices you need to make that curry.
    It's fucked. I need to get a car so I can get my ass to Waitrose or something.

  3. You cant beat home grown. The old man has always grown his own veg. When we lived in the uk he would rent a space like Arthur in East Enders :o) and now he has a fairly large patch at the back of their house where he grows carrots, parsnips, cabbage, brocolli, lettuce, runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes, colliflower and lots more. He really dosent like eating anyone elses veg at all.Your local butcher and places like Holland and Barrett are the best!

  4. Could you let me know where they sell the microwave veg? I'll be able to spend another 3 mins a day trying to get through another level of RS :)
    Seriously if I'm not cooking for friends I cant be arsed. When I started living by myself again I structured my whole life so I could do exactly what I actually wanted to do in my spare time.
    I had a woman to do my washing and ironing and another to do cleaning and washing up. Food purchases involved hitting M&S with a trolley and with wide sweeping arm movement swiping everything off the pre-prepared 'Cafe Culture' food shelf. I even tried the preprepared porridge (could get up 2 mins later in the morning ).
    Now Di lives with me she insists on cooking (I have to spend about 15 mins washing up afterwards boohoo) and is always slipping organic fruit and stuff in my bag before I go to work - I still hanker after the old days though when washing up was dropping a box in the bin :)

  5. I can't understand who those vegetables are aimed at, surely anyone who is going to cook something has either fresh or frozen stuff they can chuck in the microwave themselves and anyone who doesn't want to cook isn't going to bother with them either.
    As far as those ready meal things, I do tend to have a couple of them in the freezer, if I'm stuck in work or the trains are delayed then by the time I get home, I just want to get something to eat and don't want to have to mess around in the kitchen. At those times they are very handy, but I agree some supermarkets are going too far with their efforts to fill their shelves with them, which is even more strange when you consider all the cookery programs that are on tv these days.