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Tuesday 24 June 2003

Glastonbury Festival Mega Mix 1 [floyd]

Ok, travelling down to Glasto on Wednesday night/Thursday morning in a camper van with a 6 disc changer so I'm in the process of putting together the ultimate Glastonbury Festival journey cd.
I'll kick off with those soap dodgers The Levellers with One Way.
Lets be 'avin some idea's chaps!


  1. 'Isn't it Amazing' by the Hothouse Flowers - quite wonderful on a hot friday afternoon while lazing.
    Anything by Ozric Tentacles or (preferably) Eat Static.

  2. anything by daphne and celeste!

  3. I've collected the entire works of Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static. Not sure I'd say they were even broadly simular musical genres excepting the obvious sharing of band members.Anyhow, knowing Pete, he's like Ozrics. Good recommendation I reckon. Don't think he'd quite get down to Eat Static though :)

  4. Ohh yeah, that'll do nicely on the comp. Ozric play on the Avalon Main Stage on Sunday after Arthur Brown heh !!

  5. Fecking bootleg it!

  6. Easy one. Love:Forever changes and some Pattie Smith ...remember Floyd 1.00pm at the Cider Bus everyday :)