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Wednesday 25 June 2003

What can you buy for 64K? [lurks]

I remember when 64K was a lot. A hell of a lot. I had a Vic20 and I dreamed of owning a C64 when it came out. Now, of course, these days 64K is nothing. My phone has that much memory. My PDA has a thousand times as much memory. You get the idea.
So, if you were an elite demo group c0d0r on the PC. What could you do in 64K? You can use the the DirectX API and that's it. How much do you think you could do in 64K now. Well, guess no more. Download this. I've virus checked it, you can just choose 'open'. You'll need a games-type rig to run this so you folks at work, don't bother.
Prepare to be amazed.


  1. It is cheating a bit though, by using directx, which is lots more than 64k

  2. Well, video card drivers to if you want to look at it like that. Regardless, the entire content of this, the models, the textures, the animations, the scripted sequences and the music are all in the 64k. Which is amazing.

  3. Works fine on my work PC, but then I guess not everyone has a 1.7GHz work PC with a decent 3d card :)
    Its not bad, but I'd just like to mention the word 'procedurally generated', which by the looks of it applies to all the models and the very few textures used.
    I'm not saying thats a bad thing - its just that your thinking that they've somehow squeezed a lot of stuff into a little space is roughly akin to thinking that Elite on the BBC micro had managed to squeeze a whole universe into about 4k. In reality its all generated data.

  4. Not at all, it's quite obvious that they've exploited procedural generation for the models, textures and stuff like that. How else would you stand a remote chance of doing it unless you want to spend the entire 64K on a single texture. While you and Slim seem pretty keen to piss on chips here, this is 64 fucking K. They still got to talk to the DirectX API through structures that are just a tinsy bit less efficient than a 8-bit 6502 and memory mapped hardware eh? :) So I don't really give a shit if it's 'generated data', it's still fucking fantastic.

  5. I'm not pissing on it, it's fucking awsome at any size, well worth a watch.

  6. That's fucking amazing for the size you crotchety old yeast-panted f$cks!

  7. Look, I played a version of that ancient olympics game (you know the one, bash the keys until you reach the finishing line, fastest one wins) and that took 23 bytes. Thats impressive. 64k should be enough for an entire fucking OS.

  8. Spot the fucking PS2 programmer :)