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Wednesday 11 June 2003

EED TT2003 [slim]

Bitches. EED just fucking owned the IOM for TT fucking 2003. It didn't need to be fucking good, it just had to fucking rock! And fuck me did it rock! A weekend filled with so much classical sauce that it oozed out of the bitches ears and dribbled on the grass. I'm hoping someone with some ability will write a proper account of what actually happend, this is just a pictorial adventure through the ownorisation that occured, with some missing bits when I forgot the lump in my pocket was my Ixus v3 and not my involuntary reaction to the bitchin lap dancers.

First up we have an image I'll cherish, hot eed sex in me den!. Teeth tried to convince the lads that planetside owned, but they weren't that impressed, bah. Anyhow, we went out and got pissed and I left me camera at home, bah. Daves got some top pics to fill this space though!

On to Saturday, and we did some sightseeing on a boat, then smacked some rods up, but got utterly fucking ownorised by teh dr teeth. It didn't matter if he was good, he just fucking ROCKED! Jay got his tits out and stuff.

In other news, it turns out pete is a raving homosexual girly boy faygot and buys his accessories from a girly bobble shop. Mock him!

That's about it from me pictorially. We chilled we got camp we laughed at bikers being nobs and we ate and drank an awful lot.

It was good and it ROCKED!


  1. Hells bells... so that's a RoadTrip eh? When is the next one??
    Here's some more leetness captured for posterity: Speaking of posteriers, mention must go to honourable EED member [EED]Bunches who literally got'em out for birthday-boy Beej. Though in more intimate surroundings than this.
    Beyond the baps (buns/batches/buttys) of IOM's toppest lap dancer, the true star of the show was [EED]Jay who 0wned us with his antics the whole weekend. His maritime skillz though were sadly lacking. IOM conservation groups reckon that the pollution spill that is currently washing up along their coast may cause untold damage to the area's ecology, though they can't exaplain the chunks of diced carrot contained therein... Nor the half chewed Liquid Neurofen (tm).
    From the offset, it was clear that EED were set to 0wn IOM mind, as Pod and Beej got off to a flying start by 'pulling' the almighty Emma. See how Beej uses the 'I'm already pissed you know?' strategy to woo this (possible) Playboy Bunny Girl.And 0wn it we did... by catching the leetest fighting fish, the swankiest rugby shirts and by far the shortest legged Sega PR Pimps.
    Oh, and lest we forget the Claire's Incident. Who exactly is that large, hairy figure exchanging cash for a bag of Velvet Hair Scrunchies?
    Fucking ace weekend.

  2. Roxor in extremitas... I think encapsulates the weekend...
    In no was it 'standard' though it was certainly 'schweet' ;)

  3. Wooo. Need to get Dr_Dave's images somewhere that works rather than him trying to host them on his cable modem (guffaw).

  4. Listen, it doesn't matter whether my hosting is good, just so long as it rocks! And rock it does.

  5. And it was said unto the people of Eatus Electric DeatheusÂ….. AT THE JAY BAR, JAY BAR, YOUR A SUPER STAR!!!!!
    The easiest way to account some of the weekends events would be to just list them, so here goes:
    BushyÂ’s Beer Tent.
    While waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive and me and Kavey getting slightly restless after necking 3 pints, we got kinda restless that Teeth and Jay were still nursing their first pint of the night and ordered the latter to get to the bar smartish. With in minutes the Jayster returned and all the scorn and pooning was about to be replaced with nothing but respect and more respect for getting to the packed out bar so quick and bringing back 4 deliciously cool pints of lagerÂ… 'Can you believe itÂ….the bloody security bloke wont let me in the tent with out ID!!' For some reason this was so much better than getting the cool pints!! Apart from the trip back from the airport where every bike we saw was either 'standard' or 'banging' this was the beginning of a weekend with the Jayster!Kavey proceeded in instructing a group of 10 years olds to laugh at our mate for not being able to get servedÂ…which they did for the next 2 hours!!
    Anadin Ultra - The all new crunchy pain relief!
    Due to spending the day in the sun, drinking, I thought I would kill any signs of a headache by necking a couple of fast working Anadin Ultra. These are the all new improved fast action liquid filled capsule pain killers. Kavey spied that I had little green pills and demanded he had some. Then comes along Wonder Horse who like me thinks it would be a good idea to kill the headache before it happens. Whilst IÂ’m washing mine down with water I hear this crunching sound. Firstly I thought I had missed the round of Dr Daves boiled sweets, then looking at Jays monged face I realised the numpty had started chewing the pills!!! He didnÂ’t look all that well afterwards.
    This is just one of the many incidentsÂ… But it has to be said it wouldnÂ’t have been the same with out bloke!!

  6. Poor Jay....
    He's still wandering around douglas somewhere. I hoofed him out at 8:30 am this morning as I've got to go to work. I've got the local radio news on thought, just in case!
    How about some choice quotes from the weekend?
    Pod: 'This one time, at emulation camp'Bloomers: 'Why is Hagrid coming out of the bobble shop?'Pod: 'You can't flag a taxi, it's against the law'Jay: 'I am a turtle, someones pegged down my shell'Jay: 'HUUEEEEEYYYY, RAAAALLLLPH, SWEEET'
    Slim: 'I cant intelligently contribute to this conversation because I don't have access to Google.'
    Oh, forgot the shark vid too. here it is!

  7. Lets not forget Beej's Birthday night. After spending 4 hours delayed in city airport, flight time of 1 hour, journey to Slims 30 mins, organise meeting the others and leaving Slims 3 mins, discovering that Slims MPV is Fux0red and in need of serious taxiage 5 mins + 10 wait for the cabs.
    Lets just say the day hadn't really gone as smoothly as it should of. 10pm (ish, manx time runs in some new slower way) we finally meet up with the others. KV in full wrap round shades (its dark) Teeth loitering in the background looking a bit woowed at the real world, Floydeh our own rock god checking out the arses of girls that were clearly under age, although he claims they were easily 16 :-) and Jay in a tight white t-shirt with some white wrist band on one hand only, nuff said. Things are looking up, off to The Venue, home of rockers, bikers and strippers. Kitty organised and the first round sorted we venture up towards the stage, the band are rocking and behold, A foxy black babe pole dancing in front of the lead singer....
    An idea forms, a whisper followed and a Cheshire Cat grin appears on Floyds face. Cash is exchanged and before he knew what was going on Beej was being directed at great speed towards The Cooler. Sent totally unprepared into the back room of, entrance fee paid for by me 'Happy Birthday Beej'.
    We continue to drink and wait for the small grinning face of Beej to return, as far as I knew it was a one dance offer and then they return you to the real world. 2 pints later (Spiro time) ask if any one has seen him came back, nothing, another 1 pints later and i'm a little worried as are most of the lads. Floyd volunteers to venture into the back room on a rescue mission, we wish him luck and send him on his way, 1 pint later I realise that Floyd has the kitty and as with Beej hasn't returned, we need serious action to A) Rescue Beej and Floyd B) Get some more beer.
    ThatÂ’s it lads, I'm going in! Slim joins me, maybe its some sort of single person eating facility and 2 would have far more success than just 1. Passing through the entrance we discover an medium sized back room, small bar, waitresses, other men and nekkid dancersÂ…Â…
    A quick glance round the room and a swift jab in Slims side and weÂ’ve found them, Beej and Floyd, sitting next to each other, with a Stunning black girls topless, shaking her arse in Floyds face. The expressions of pain and agony we expected to see were in fact replaced with open mouth drooling.
    The young lady left and when confronted Beej replied ”You didn’t really think I was going to come back, did you ?” Thinking about it I had been a fool, there was no reason to return, dam, I’ve wasted time. To the more serious crime of running off with the kitty, Floyd responded with well you guys sent me in, it was in Beej’s best interests and can I get a dance for you…..
    An hour or so later Beej points and screams “I want that one”, we look and see Bunches, Slim and I had both seen her in the other bar pole dancing and OMG she was SWEEEEET!! Breaking one of the few rule of the joint I go to the bar, once caught by the waitresse4s I order a beer and Bunches.
    My final gift to Beej on his Birthday. Bunches, primed with the knowledge that its his Birthday and my cash dances on his face, yes you heard me, what we didn’t know was that Bunches unlike most of the girls actually danced with massive amounts of contact. The only feeling I got from my other dancers was a gentle breeze as a breast pass by my face. She’s actually grinding on his lap, omg she’s leaned right back on him, her head on his right shoulder, licking her finger she plays with her left nipple. Seeing the look on Beej’s face made spending almost £80 in there worth every penny.
    It would have been almost £60 but after seeing that I had my hand up the second she’d finished with Beej and after my dance she got a nice tip for making mine and his day.
    Needless to say Floyd and Slim both got to share in this experience.
    There are more stories of other dancers, to mention 1 “The arse slap from hell” but they are for others to tell.
    Line of the evening, just after a dance from Beej “I Need to go get some more money”

  8. That cab quote isn't even close.What I actually said was that Radio taxi's aren't allowed to stop and pick up people who flag them in England and its likely to be the same in the IOM.

  9. Pod, it doesn't matter if its accurate, just as long as you're 0wned! ;)

  10. Go back to your home improvement show ;)

  11. Bummer about the mpv. So much for the fuckign two 'experts' we had on the phone also. Got a mechanic up to the house this morning, he popps the bonnet, reseats the disconnected cable and fucks off. Did it so quick he didn't even charge us, BAH!
    Top writeup from spiro there, jesus what a night!

  12. Always the way tho isn't it. So hard to spot problems over the phone. Still, thank goodness for floyd to the rescue

  13. Honourable fucking mention must fucking go to the fucking band that fucking rocked our fucking socks off on friday fucking night! The fucking singer had a fucking stage banter that fucking made Tenatious fucking D look fucking quiet and fucking withdrawn! He fucking played us whole lotta fucking rosey by ac fucking dc and fucking hey joe. Fuck! They were so fucking good that dumpys rusty fucking nuts went virtually fucking un-noticed. Fuck!

  14. Hang on, I didn't actually GO to the Isle of Man, what are you all on about? :)

  15. You were there in body, if not in mind Jay ;)

  16. I presume that wasn't really jay? Where is the real Jay? He's not been seen since my wife got hold of him on Monday.

  17. Heres my pics of the Mongs In Mann blogpic

  18. Can I just mention that the food provided by the beautiful Mrs Slim was amazing. I would in fact recommend everyone try her baps.