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Wednesday 4 June 2003

Electricdeath Limited? [am]

Oi - thought occurs here; we, between us, must buy a boat-load of toyz on an ongoing basis - liderally tens of thousands of squids. Is there any way in which we can pool our purchasing power to i) negotiate better rates and potentially even get ourselves non-VATable? Just a thought like. Answers on an anteater please.


  1. Don't think we could easily avoid vat. You'd have to be vat registered, which means hitting turnover threasholds. You'd also have to demonstrate to the vat man that the stuff your buying is a legit biz expense.
    Now if you've got any income that's not salaried, you can of course set off any expenses to get that income and save on the income tax. Which is what I do. You can even add other things in there like rent for the businesses premisis, a portion of your telephone, mobile and broadband bills, that kind of caper.

  2. Do the EED posse buy much from Amazon? You could set EED to become an Amazon Associate and get up to 15% off your purchases. Well, 15% off books and 5% off everything else.
    You just need incorporate the amazon link with your referal tag into your website and buy via it.
    Amazon Assoicates
    Alternatively, you can get clever and use their Web Service api.

  3. Had a look at the web services API myself a while back, looked great except it was only for and didn't work on the UK site. Has that changed?