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Monday 9 June 2003

El Cheapo [am]

I need to get a lappy for arduous wordprocessing. It needs to do naff all else and needs to be as cheap as possible without weighing half a ton. Would like to have a usb keyring drive or infrared file transfer to be able to port documents home but other than that I don't think I need much except a decent keyboard. Got any views on how best to do the file transfers (work network is no go) and any suggestions on models?


  1. Depends entirely on the budget, can't really say without knowing how much you want to spend. You got no vpn or external webmail access for transferin files?

  2. Webmail's barred innit and how many of your front office people do youlet have vpn? :) . No this is non work lappie which ain't gonna touchsystems. I want to spend 400 squid ish. Are second hand lappies afalse economy?

  3. What's the use of a vpn if nobody can use it? I doubt you'd get anything new for £400. Why not just get a nice keyboard for your ipaq?

  4. Didn't express that too well - I mean there is a VPN but the issue is Idon't want the files on firm systems full stop and I'd have to do thatto fetch them thru the VPN.
    As for keyboard - it's a fair point but it's screen estate really. NowDabs has a repaired Thinkpad R31 1.2celery with Win XP for 523 inc VAT.Or you can get a new one (well one that's been on the shelf) for 580odd. Whatchya fink?