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Tuesday 3 June 2003

women and the vote [lurks]

Right, this Big Brother thing. I got thoroughly bored with it last time around so I haven't bothered to watch this one at all. All I saw were a few web news reports about one particular minx that likes to wear bikinis, has nipples like thumbs and stripped off in front of one of the contestants in the bath or something. Now that might entice me to watch it but I still didn't.
Anyhow, news filters in that the first evictee is out. Who is it? It's the fit bird. You know, the one in the bikini with nipples like thumbs and a penchant for getting them out. The housemates are apparently stunned as they'd have thought she was one of the last to go, some boring geek/clod (who I'm sure we'd like plenty :) was the odds-on favorite.
So how do we explain this? It's simple, you see most of the people voting are women. Women will always evict foxy minxs given the chance.
The thing is, I'm trying to work out why this is. We all know our women don't like us looking at other women but prior to this issue, I hadn't really thought about that much too hard - just took it for granted. Now I'm puzzled as to what the genetic imperative is concerning this.
I mean blokes being jealous of women is a no brainer, we're protecting the resource which can further our genetic line. On the other hand, why are women even worse and quite rabid about making sure their stud doesn't even talk to a more attractive female?
I mean, ladies, quite frankly there's enough spunk to go around. :)
Puzzling. However the huge volumes of statistical evidence from women voting such as Big Brother and the Eurovision Song Contest, proves beyond a doubt that actual logic and merit has absolutely nothing to do with how they cast their vote. Notice there's no foxy politicians hmm?
See that's it, maybe we've forgotten an important lesson which men in millennia gone by have realised. Maybe allowing them to vote at all wasn't such a good idea in the first place hmm? :)


  1. The washing machine wasn't a good thing to give em either, gave them far too much time to think about stuff! Anyway, the women voting theory usually does show true, blokes winning the original pop idol, blokes winning the first two big bruvvas etc. But then it gets blown out of the water, a foxy girlie (ish) won the last big bruvva, and the girlies wone the Popstars The Rivals thingy. Just goes to show, you never can tell!

  2. It's definately got something to do with attitude as well, can't put my finger on it. She wasn't perceived as being a threat. She wasn't overtly sexy and flirtatious.Her romance with that other bloke there was basically a chick flick innit. Oh it's all about love, not the fact you're fit as fuck and I want to harpoon you with my meat missile.Oh and another fucked vote because of women, the BBC thing. Fame Academy. Foxy birds out right away. Seriously talented bloke, first out on the final. The pretty boy wins and of course he's fucking dreadful. It was a pretty boy that would appeal to the teenage girls voting. If the girls voting were a bit older, I bet Ainsley would have won (of course he had vastly more talent than David Sneddon as well).Ahh yes, I'd almost forgotten. The top ten greatest Britons. Di was up there, reckon the lads voted for her do you? Apparently worthy of being a top ten Briton despite her highest achievement being to winge about mines, don't you know. To be brutally honest, I'd rather nominate any actual British mineclearer for a top ten Briton spot but then I've got a cock and not a pair of tits. If we were just going to put some random bint in the top ten, can we at least have a fit one? Oh yes, that's right - they'd vote that one down for being better looking than they are. ARGH!