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Tuesday 24 June 2003

The Kiss DP500 - it does what it says on the box! [houmous]

I have a problem. I download lots of movies at LAN parties ( and using my external HD off Broadband enabled friends HD's ) - but I hardly ever watch them.
Why not? because I dont really want to watch them on this, I'd rather be watching them on this
Hence my excitement when I saw the Kiss DP500 - this is a DivX and Xvid enabled DVD player that also has an ethernet connection so you can play said movies straight from your HD onto your TV screen.
Whats it like? Great - not only can you watch movies, but it will also play mp3's via a menu on the TV screen, as well as showing your photo albums. I now have my mp3 collection set up on it, which means I've been able to sell the PC I had in the lounge (for playing mp3s through my AV setup) for more than the Kiss DP500 cost me! (they are just over £200 although Scan had them on today only last week for £150)
The quality is excellent even using the standard cabling and we had a happy day today watching movies still monged from a solstice beach party last night hehe (great till the rain knocked the generators out :)


  1. Forgot to say it also plays webradio via your internet connection :)

  2. I get the immpression your minted!!

  3. What? Aren't you? Get with the programme fatty.
    Houmous, seen this convoluted region hacking guide?
    I'm extremely tempted with this player now, any idea what the diff is between the DP-450 and DP-500 - don't say 50 :)
    My mate has been in contact with them in the past asking when they are going to be offering a player with a DVI output, as found on most PC gfx cards these days. That way you can keep everything in the digital domain. They say they have no plans for DVI :(
    Still, the current model DP-500 would suit me fine, I've got component inputs on my 42' Panasonic Series 5. Upgrading to the DVI board for it would cost £350 AND I'd lose my component inputs. BAH!Doh! Wonder what happened to my previous correction about this? Anyhoo, the difference between the 450 and 500 is that the 450 ain't got a network port! Double doh. Trouble is the 450 faq has a section on networking, further reading in the 450 faq networking section tells me that requirements for networking is a DP-500 series player. Perfect place in a faq to put that.

  4. No, not minted.

  5. Personally I think a hacked XBox does all this shit better. :-)

  6. Your chipped xbox with media player is a far better solution. Updated codecs on a regular basis alone make it better value, plus halo. Plus you hack bill off, a bonus for all MS haters.

  7. I ain't going to be no stinking xbox m0ng.
    Was thinking in getting a case like this:
    and building a Home Theatre PC. The prob with the Kiss dvd player is I want to web smurf too.

  8. Lol, I forgot about the rabid MS haters. Thing is, when you get an Xbox and do this shit, you're costing MS money. It's a win/win situation :) Seriously, using a PC to do all this stuff is obviously better. Shuttle PCs are good choices but they're also noisy. I like that case you've pointed out, it's big enough that you could put standard cheap components in and use cooling which would be fairly quiet. However at £158 (the price of an Xbox)... if these issues were important, I'd just use a regular PC case and turn it into a bit of furnature. Which is exactly what I've done in my lounge.

  9. You've got a plant next to it and put a wooden duck or summat on top of your mp3 server. That's no stinking blending in!

  10. Fucking is for me! It's a steel chicken too!