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Friday 27 June 2003

Phone psu update [am]

Late lunch and I'm going to a wedding so I need my phone working which it erm doesn't due to my inordinate propensity to lose power supplies. So in I go only to face the the choice of 29 squid for a new power supply.
Now I could blog this out and all but I won't. So in the spirit of electricdeath, 20 minutes later I left with a T610.
First impressions is I can't decide if it's a bit of a block or in fact quite cool retro stylee. It's chargin on my desk here - I'll supply details later.

1 comment:

  1. After a week using the T610, I have reached the following conclusions.
    1) The ringtones provided are (besides shit) nowhere *near* loud enough. Luckily in true Ericsson stylee the vibrate function is obviously designed to be marketed with an alternate function for the female market.
    2) Reception is very clear, no complaints on that side at all.
    3) The software is a load faster than the T68.
    4) Camera is quite cool. Obviously very low res, but will take phots in most lighting conditions that I've exposed it to so far.
    5) Bluetooth was a piece of piss to set up and use, once I got a USB dongle from Scam.
    6) Organiser is essentially the same as the T68, with a few little additions like Post-It notes that hang about on your phone until you mark them read. Most useful.
    7) They've gone and changed the texting keys - # is now used for space, instead of 1. It's a minor irritation that will no doubt disappear as I get used to the phone.
    With respect to Am's comment, yes, it does look a bit plain - much preferred the style of the T68, but it's got all the same features plus a little more, so mneh.