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Sunday 1 June 2003

Radiohead live on the tele! [lurks]

While the lads are all over on the Isle of Man, happily sending me gloating SMSes and texts to Rebot, I'm sitting here doing some work-related stuff up late. I'm flicking around channels on the Digibox (I've a little tele beside my monitor just for the purpose) and I tune into Friday with Jonathan Ross.
Bugger me if Radiohead aren't guests! Yes, those guy that's just don't do interviews, don't do TV, nothing. The ones that did a few shows that were sold out to the rich and famous well before mere mortals could get a ticket. Also the Radiohead that has an album out quite soon but which has been happily swapped on the net for some time.
Bloke down the pub told me it's fucking brilliant and all that but then what would he know, the filthy pie rat eh?
They did There There from the new album, then had a chat with Ross and then finished the show by doing fake plastic trees. Awesome stuff. Now if only someone vidcapped it and made a torrent eh? That would be elite.


  1. I've always thought they come into the miserable northandertal category :)

  2. Yes but let's face it, you're still downloading 'Kid A'. :)

  3. Tom Yorke was wandering around Dublin while I was there last week (Radiohead were doing one of their small venue gigs there). Everyone in the pub was moaning about how miserable he looked - so Spinys got a point ;-)

  4. He does look miserable but since they're from Bristol, I don't quite get the 'northern' connotation there. Jesus wept, I wish people would post their own blogs instead of pissing on mine :)

  5. While Radiohead DO have a miserablist shoegazer reputation, they do occasionally get it right. I'm not a big fan of some of the stuff they've done recently and I always thought 'Creep' was the most navel-gazing 'waah waah life's so hard' pile of claptrap, but I'd defend 'Just' as being one of the best pieces of music written by a british band in quite some time.
    They were playing Manchester last week and as is now traditional I found out about the day after the concert.
    And by the way, I resent the word 'northanderthal'. According to a report last week, Manchester is the most creative and cosmopolitan city in Britain. So there :-P.

  6. Ahem, yes and this report was in the Manchester Town Moaner or whatever it is :)

  7. Bristol? I wish. They're from Abingdon nr Oxford.